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Company : VLCC 
Sunday, January 14, 2001 5:30PM IST (12:00PM GMT)
VLCC launches new Anti- Obesity Package
Eminent doctors present on the occasion endorse scientific weight management programme
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Vandana Luthras Curles and Curves, (VLCC), pioneers in the field of health, fitness and beauty launched a new anti obesity package. The new package was officially announced at a function held in New Delhi by Ms Vandana Luthra in the presence of Dr P K Dave, Director AIIMS and Dr A S Bias, Principal, Lady Harding Medical College.

The new package which will be available at all VLCC centers around the country offers negative calorie balance through an assessment of the medical status of the person undergoing treatment, diet modification, behavioral modification, use of appliances, monitoring and counseling on healthy activity patterns.

Speaking on the occasion Dr P K Dave, Director AIIMS, and an eminent orthopedic surgeon highlighted the direct linkage between obesity and the common yet grave medical problems such as backaches, hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes. Dr Dave expressed concern at the lack of awareness among people about dietary and health activity patterns. In a warning against crash diets, he said that "weight maintenance was as important as weight loss." Further he added, "VLCC follows a very scientific programme to tackle obesity. It has a very rational and objective approach to achieving weight loss. I would suggest that VLCC incorporates yoga and meditation in its weight loss programmes" said Dr Dave.

Launching the package, Ms Luthra said, "We were the first to launch an organized fight against obesity and we will continue to pioneer it. Over the years we have always sought to customise and develop offerings as per the individual needs of our consumers. The new package is a significant step towards making our scientific approach to loosing weight more affordable and hence more accessible."

Dr A S Bias, Prinicpal, Lady Hardinge College, focused on the hereditary aspects of obesity and spoke on the merits of leading a healthy and well balanced life.

VLCC is the first health and fitness company in the world to observe 26th Nov as anti obesity day. Pioneer in this field, its services have benefited over three lakh people in India till now.

The achievement awards function where the package was launched was held to mark the success of many of their clients, business partners and employees.

Delighted clients shared their joys on having shed many kg's. Sanjay Kapoor, a businessman, on receiving recognition on his weight loss said, " I had lost my self esteem. But for VLCC I would not have had the courage to come up on stage."

Another customer, Manju Jain, a housewife, emphasized on the medical aspect of losing weight. " My problem of blood pressure has got cured."

Inspired by their own success, many of VLCC customers have now become their business partners and started sharing their success with many others.

Starting as a single centre in 1989, VLCC has today grown to be India's leading and largest chain comprising 37 centres that are 'Shaping the Confidence' of lakhs of satisfied clients. It is managed by parent company Curls and Curves (India) Ltd. (CCIL). CCIL is a Rs 440 million company with subsidiaries in different related areas, successfully making their mark in their individual right. Among these is VL Bodycare Pvt. Ltd., www.vlccplus.com and VLCC Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

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(from left to right) Dr P K Dave, Director, AIIMS; Ms Vandana Luthra; Dr A S Bias, Principal, Lady Harding Medical College on the occasion of the launch of the new VLCC anti-obesity package