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Company : Kemp Fort 
Wednesday, January 24, 2001 2:52PM IST (9:22AM GMT)
A duck, a penguin, a lion and a squirrel will charm children into dental hygiene
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Remember when you hated brushing your teeth and a diligently stern parent patiently explained the compelling need for it? Well, Toys Kemp, the leading toy retailer in India, has made your task - in your role as parent now - easily less stressful. With a duck dispensing toothpaste, watch your child eagerly reach for the toothbrush morning and night. The unique toothpaste dispensers for kids come in a range of entertaining and enjoyable shapes such as Penguins, Squirrels, Lions and Ducks.

The Toothpaste Dispenser unit, priced at Rs 349 only, can be mounted on a wall. Scientifically designed to take in any size of toothpaste tubes, it has washers that can determine the pressure for release of the toothpaste from the tube fitted into the dispenser. Two additionally available washers make for easy usage.

The dispenser has a lever in front, connected by springs to the toothpaste tube holder at the back. When the dispenser lever is pressed, the toothpaste comes out of a specially designed snout fitted into the toothpaste holder - be it the bill of a duck or a penguin or the jaws of a lion or the engaging, tiny mouth of a squirrel. In addition, there are also two toothbrush holders placed by the sides of the dispenser. 

"Children are always attracted to new and exciting things for daily usage. With the Toothpaste Dispenser, we are introducing an element of fun into an ordinary and daily chore. Brushing the teeth is usually a very boring and monotonous event, and most children have to be persuaded to do so. We are attempting to add that little zing to make brushing fun," says Mr. Ravi V Melwani, Managing Partner, Kemp Fort and the brains behind Toys Kemp.

The Toothpaste Dispenser is available at all Toys Kemp stores across India.

About 'Toys Kemp'
Toys Kemp stores across India is the brainchild of Mr. Ravi V Melwani. Spread over 50,000 sq. ft. of space, the first Toys Kemp store was set up as part of Kemp Fort in 1997. The toys available in Toys Kemp range from Rs 25/- to Rs 25000/- for children of all ages. Some of the exciting toys available at Toys Kemp include soft toys, electronic soft toys, remotre controled cars, flying objects as concords, funfilled prank toys, etc.

About Kemp Fort
Kemp Fort was set up in 1997. It is the largest departmental store in Bangalore. Spread over an area of 3,00,000 sq. ft., it is part of the world famous Kemp chain, and stocks internationally recognised brands of Cosmetics, Perfumes, Watches, Jewelry, Crockery, Garments and Toys. Kemp Fort houses Kemperor, Saree Kemp, and Toys Kemp - the ultimate shopping destination for the whole family. Kemp Fort projects a turnover of Rs. 100 crores for the financial year 2001.

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Pushpa Nair, pushpa@business2media.com, +91-11-3326022
Pushpa Nair, pushpa@business2media.com, +91-11-3326022
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