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Company : Sellerworx 
Friday, November 6, 2015 5:25PM IST (11:55AM GMT)
Sellerworx Launches the First Ever Intelligent Pricing Tool - Priceworx, For Online Sellers in India
Sellerworx helps online electronic products & accessories sellers become profitable by improving their likelihood of getting the Buy box with their intelligent pricing tool – Priceworx
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Sellerworx, the leading start-up, which empowers sellers to sell online, is pleased to announce an intelligent pricing tool –Priceworx, which will help sellers fix the right price for their products and increase the possibility of getting the Buy box.
Sellerworx Online Services Pvt. Ltd. has been delivering technology products and services for retailers, distributors and wholesalers to sell online.  Priceworx works by intelligently managing the prices for sellers on Flipkart and Amazon, thereby increasing the sales and profitability of the seller.
“Priceworx will allow the seller to focus on his business by reducing the manual, repetitive task of comparing prices of his products with that of his competitors on multiple price comparison websites. The Seller is in control of fixing the minimum and maximum range and is in control of pricing his products” said Venkat Potluri, CEO & Co-founder of Sellerworx.
Price is closely associated with sales and product visibility on marketplaces, so-much-so that sellers need to continually ensure their products are priced competitively. If a seller has hundreds of products, doing this manually is a very time consuming and tedious process.
Venkat reiterates, “We are the first to introduce a pricing tool for the Indian market, to a seller who has hundreds of products, Priceworx is a boon.”
Priceworx helps to:

  • Increase sales - Priceworx continuously monitors and changes prices 24 x 7 (within the minimum & maximum rate fixed) to get the Buy box.
  • More margins - When the seller has the Buy box, Priceworx sets the most optimal price, ensuring that the seller gets maximum profit without losing the Buy box.
  • Zero Price Errors - Priceworx manages repricing so the seller doesn’t have to worry about manual pricing mistakes.
  • Saves time - Avoid repetitive and time consuming work of comparing prices on multiple marketplaces or price comparison sites.
  • Competitive analysis - Analyses competition aggressively and dynamically changes the price to increase the chances to win the Buy box.
All aspects are geared towards saving the sellers time, maintaining competitive prices, increased possibility of getting the Buy box while increasing sales and profitability.
About Sellerworx
Sellerworx Online Services Pvt. Ltd., is a Bangalore based start-up, founded in Feb 2014 by E-commerce veterans, with a mission of empowering sellers to create wealth through online sales. Guided by its philosophy "Sell more, Work smart", Sellerworx helps sellers create their catalogues, optimize inventory & get listed on India’s most popular marketplaces. The wide range of innovative products and services enable a seller to sell more with ease.
For more information visit http://www.sellerworx.com/bestpricer.php

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Media Contact Details
Chandramouli, Sellerworx Online Services Pvt Ltd, +91-7829099666, mouli@sellerworx.com
Venkat Potluri, Sellerworx Online Services Pvt Ltd, +91-9008404341, venkat@sellerworx.com
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