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Company : Arzoo.com 
Wednesday, December 27, 2000 4:54PM IST (11:24AM GMT)
Online IT Consultancy Focuses on Corporate Clients
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Sabeer Bhatia, president and CEO of Arzoo.com, today announced version 2.0 of the web-based IT consultancy, which provides its clients with access to a global network of experts who answer urgent technical questions and provide solutions on demand.

With the release of Arzoo 2.0, Bhatia's Fremont, California-based company focuses solely on corporate clients, while continuing to allow engineering and IT professionals to monetize their expertise by bidding for clients' questions and answering them online. In addition, the company has added an in-house team of site moderators who review the accuracy and precision of all incoming answers before sending them along to Arzoo's clients.

"Quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities," said Bhatia. "Arzoo's mission is to be the best available IT resource for fast-moving companies."

To that end, Arzoo's newest release boasts a dramatic increase in user friendliness as well as a simplified pricing structure that benefits Arzoo and its clients alike. Key features of Arzoo 2.0 include:

Arzoo no longer charges clients on a per-question basis. Instead, a flat monthly subscription fee entitles companies to unlimited assistance from Arzoo's network of experts. Once a company signs on, its employees can ask as many questions as they like.

Site moderators now manage the entire bidding process, so clients need only submit their questions and stand by for a response. Arzoo handles all the details – and takes responsibility for the results.

Clients can now specify one deadline for receiving answers to a given question, prompting earlier bidding and faster response times.

Arzoo's flat subscription fees are part of an "indemnity insurance" pricing structure, Bhatia explained. This means that Arzoo will adjust each client's fees based on the amount of usage they demonstrate over time. By handling experts' bids firsthand, Arzoo can keep its own costs low and offer the best possible pricing to client companies – while also relieving clients of the responsibility to review and accept bids on their own.

Each question is personally handled by an Arzoo site moderator, who reviews the question when it arrives, selects the expert best qualified to answer, reviews the incoming answer to ensure quality and clarity, and ultimately delivers it to the asking party's private Arzoo account within the requested timeframe.

Questions can be submitted in any of six primary categories: Databases and Tools, Languages, Networking, Operating Systems, Web Scripting & Programming, and Web/App Servers & APIs. Additional categories will be added in the future based on customer need and feedback.

Arzoo is attracting unprecedented interest in the wake of this newest release, Bhatia said. Dozens of companies have inquired about its version 2.0, and several – including two well-known Fortune 500 companies – have already signed on as lead users.

Arzoo's alpha testers – independent companies who have had free access to the version 1.0 service since its September launch – are likely to bolster Arzoo's client base as well.

"I hear several times a week from the team here, ‘I wish we still had Arzoo,'" said Dorion Carroll, general manager at Neomeo Corporation, an Arzoo alpha test company. "I look forward to seeing the new improved Arzoo," he added.

With testing complete and version 2.0 in place, Arzoo is beginning to attract a solid foundation of long-term clients. "We're aiming for steady, incremental growth," said Rajiv Grover, Sr. VP of Marketing and Business Development at Arzoo. "Our alpha testers have been very happy, and now we've stepped up to become more effective, more efficient, and more attractive to major corporations and blue chips."

Meanwhile, Arzoo continues to draw tech professionals and expert consultants from around the world into its Arzoo Technical Experts program. Once approved by Arzoo's team of site moderators, experts can bid to answer questions posted by client companies.

Arzoo version 2.0 includes an important new benefit for experts as well: they now receive 100% of their bid amount whenever they answer a question successfully. Because Arzoo now draws revenue directly from its clients, in the form of monthly subscription fees, the company no longer takes a percentage of each bidding transaction. There are currently over 2,200 approved experts on Arzoo, including about 650 living in India.

These were selected out of a much larger applicant pool, based on criteria such as education, work experience and practical expertise. Arzoo will incorporate a testing system and verification of credentials as additional criteria to accompany the 2.0 upgrade. "All of our alpha test clients have been very satisfied with not only the response time of our experts, but also the quality of their answers," said Bhatia. "What is important is not the number of experts, but the quality. Can they answer the tough questions? Can they answer them in time? Can we rely on these people when a client has a tight deadline? If the answer is yes, then this is a good expert."

Full press materials are available at www.arzoo.com

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