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Company : Imperial Clinics 
Tuesday, November 15, 2011 12:59PM IST (7:29AM GMT)
Parental Stress a Cause of Autism in Children
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

According to a recent research, of Imperial Clinics, a large role of parental stress is taking a toll in physical and mental illness among today's kids. In fact, clinical research by Imperial Clinics has shown that parental stress may be one of the major contributing factors to autism, amongst children. The condition is growing more prevalent now than it was just a decade ago.

It has become extremely critical that, unlike genetics, parents should do something about stress levels. Anxiety is highly contagious. "The mind-body connection is powerful as children are paying the price for their parents' stressful lifestyle," says Dr.Shreepad Khedekar, Clinical Director, Imperial Clinics. The study highlights on how children focus on body language, facial expressions, and the vibe of a household. Social issues like economic woes, hectic schedules, are not only putting couples at risk, but affecting their children's brain architecture and chemistry in such a way that makes them susceptible to stress-related disorders like autism. The drive carried by Imperial Clinics, is called "War against Autism"

To help parents cope up with parental stress Imperial Clinics has formed a group "WAR AGAINST AUTISM". The group will introduce parents on the knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorders and improve the community of autism. The group will impart education about what autism is and how to diagnose and treat it. It will also update the parents and tell them on newly developed researches in this area and help the parents of autism children to cope with the disorder. The mission of the group also includes educating other doctors in the methodology & techniques of understanding and treating autism through the research done by Imperial Clinics and providing them with the first hand information about the disorder.

The program shall include counseling sessions, how to recognize autism, mind body connection program, Causes of autism. The focus of program will include on providing optimistic to parents on how to deal with the disorder and building up a bridge between the parent and child that could help them cope up with the disorder. The focus of the program is to act as a catalyst for change that will enable persons with autism to live as fully participating members of the community.

For the same he has planned the next step; a fully dedicated autistic centre in the heart of Mumbai, which will start delivering world class services.

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Dr. Khedekar

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