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Company : NxtGen 
Friday, April 17, 2015 4:25PM IST (10:55AM GMT)
NxtGen Outperforms Amazon Web Services and Rackspace on Price-Performance Metrics for Cloud Services
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Cloud Spectator tested virtual machines from Amazon, NxtGen, and Rackspace for a period of five days between March 17, 2015 and March 21, 2015, and found that NxtGen offers up to 4 times more value for customers compared to the global players.

Securing a momentous landmark for a company originating from India, NxtGen, an emerging leader in high-end datacenter and cloud-based services, has outperformed Amazon Web Services and Rackspace in the price-performance metric for cloud servers, according to an independent benchmarking report by Cloud Spectator, a leading US-based industry consultant in performance and pricing analysis for the IaaS marketplace. According to the latest Cloud Spectator report, NxtGen Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) has displayed strong price-performance metric, providing the most value across all five use cases examined in the study.

For this study, Cloud Spectator evaluated performance by benchmarking the virtual machines (VM) using industry accepted tools: Geekbench 3, FIO and Iperf tests. The respective benchmarks measured vCPU & memory, storage, and internal network. The testing ensued over the course of a five day period in March, for ensuring sustained performance requirements by the enterprises and pricing was examined in conjunction with the performance tests.

A S Rajgopal, MD and CEO, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd elaborated, “We all at NxtGen, are excited to achieve this industry-first milestone, where NxtGen has surpassed AWS and Rackspace cloud servers in price performance. It has been our constant endeavour to strive for best-in-class performance and the Cloud Spectator report results are a testimony to our focus on fulfilling the customer need for low cost of ownership and high quality of service. Enterprise customers are keen to save cost at the infrastructure layer to make more investment of applications ”

Cloud adoption is seeing an increasing uptake from Indian enterprises. With a wide repertoire of service providers to choose from, enterprises are often puzzled while making their purchase decisions. An effective purchase assessment would entail comparison of not just price points or features alone. Instead, organizations should quantitatively assess performance and its relationship with price and related features for smart procurement decisions that optimize the relationship between cost of ownership and quality of service”, he added.

For benchmarking performance, the Cloud Spectator team ran one iteration of the test suite per day. Each iteration captured performance data on metrics such as virtual processors, memory bandwidth, block storage IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second), and internal network throughput, which directly impact application performance. While on an average, NxtGen’s performance was seen to be 3 – 4 times superior to Amazon and 3 times better than Rackspace, on some parameters like block storage, NxtGen’s cloud servers scored over 10 times higher than their Amazon and Rackspace counterparts.

Commenting on the study, Kenny Li, CEO, Cloud Spectator said, "Vendor assessment of cloud providers is challenging for organizations because enterprises struggle to understand the real cost of ownership due to the difficulty in normalizing performance across providers. This report shows the findings of our recent study where we provide a standardized comparison and illustrate potential advantages on NxtGen's offerings and those of the other providers in the study."

The public cloud services market in India is poised to expand by 30 percent and reach USD 1.7 billion by 2018, according to latest industry reports. Worth USD 370 million, the Indian SME market is burgeoning with over 40 million small businesses, of which only a meagre minority are online. This indicates a tremendous untapped potential for adoption of cloud computing in the country.

As a leading provider of cloud computing services in India, NxtGen is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the imminent boom in the cloud market in the country. Driven by a team with over 400 years of combined operational experience in the IT industry, NxtGen delivers central IT platform as a service to companies across the board - from small to large enterprises.

About NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd

NxtGen is an emerging leader in providing datacenter and cloud services that help businesses build a digital enterprise without owning IT infrastructure.  NxtGen’s high end advanced solutions can be provided both from the company’s own high density datacenter (HDDC™) facilities or deployed at On-premise datacenters (OPDC™) that are managed centrally. The company’s Enterprise Cloud Services™ (ECS) provide private and public clouds or hybrid cloud infrastructure hosted on OPDC™ or HDDC™. NxtGen’s advanced infrastructure enable companies to simplify IT infrastructure, reduce running costs, and enable business growth by creating additional capacity from existing infrastructure. By providing the right public or private infrastructure, NxtGen helps companies meet dynamic business demands. NxtGen’s services are also certified for Information Security, IT Service Management and independently certified by SAP for infrastructure and Operations.

About Cloud Spectator

Cloud Spectator leads the industry in performance and pricing analysis for the IaaS marketplace. Since 2011, Cloud Spectator has provided consulting and benchmarking services for enterprise clients, consultancies and providers. Our data-driven approach standardizes and simplifies the IaaS market to inform and guide decision-makers in a complex industry.

Your contact for further information: kunal@nxtgen.com

Further information available at: https://nxtgen.com/

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