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Company : Hettich India 
Friday, November 17, 2000 3:20PM IST (9:50AM GMT)
World class furniture fittings now made available in India
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Hettich International, the German world leader in furniture fittings, today announced plans to enter India through a joint venture with Gautier India Limited a Zuari Group company. The initial investment envisaged in the project is Rs Nine crore.

Hettich India Ltd, the 50:50 new joint venture Company plans to introduce a range of products with a portfolio of over 6000 items spanning a wide range of hinges, drawers, runner systems, folding and sliding door mechanisms, connector fittings and complete hardware systems for kitchens, homes as well as offices. Initially the company will put up selected items for sale in India through a dedicated distribution network across India. It will shortly set up a manufacturing facility at Chennai for furniture fittings for the domestic and overseas markets. Details of the facility are being worked out. 

"Hettich India will change the tableau of the furniture business in India," said Mr Rajiv Sant, the newly appointed Managing Director of Hettich India. "Our products have been designed keeping in mind the needs and preferences of our customers. Continuous emphasis on research and development and the use of the latest technology lends a competitive edge to Hettich products." 

India has a tremendous workforce of artisans who are capable of producing excellent furniture. However the furniture lacks international acceptance only because the fittings used do not conform to international standards. Hettich India with its latest technology will help Indian furniture make a mark in the international market

Hettich India will target various levels in the furniture industry - hardware distributors, architects and designers, interior decorators, builders, carpenters and even housewives. Hettich plans to set up facilities in most major cities which will provide training to carpenters and interior designers on the efficient use of their products to improve the look of homes and offices. 

"We believe that our Indian partner understands the tastes of the Indian consumer and appreciates the aesthetic and functional aspects of producing 'good furniture'," said Mr Bernd Riechers of Hettich International. "Hettich is internationally recognised for its commitment to produce the best product in an eco-friendly way, and at affordable prices. We are sure that discerning consumers in India will value this aspect just as our customers do, globally."

About Hettich International
Hettich International, based at Kirchlengern, Germany, is a pioneer in the furniture fittings business since 1930. With a turnover of DM 1 billion and 4,500 employees and presence in over 100 countries, Hettich is the undisputed global leader in the field. Hettich is committed to being ecologically friendly. By continuous research and development it has developed a portfolio of over 10,000 items. The product quality and processes at Hettich conform to international standards (all the main divisions are certified ISO 9001). India will be the first joint venture for the Hettich group. 

About Gautier India Limited
Gautier is an Indo-French joint venture between Zuari Industries Limited and Groupe Seribo of France. Gautier makes furniture with imported material in Asia's largest furniture factory near Chennai. With around 50 showrooms, Gautier is the largest retailer of quality furniture across India. Gautier India exports furniture to Germany, France and the UK. It's turnover is nearly Rs 100 crore.

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Pushpa Nair, pushpa@business2media.com, +91-11-3326022
Pushpa Nair, pushpa@business2media.com, +91-11-3326022
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