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Company : Smartmatic 
Thursday, August 18, 2016 1:41PM IST (8:11AM GMT)
Filipinos Love Their Election System
Pulse Asia Survey Validates Trust in Philippine Automated Elections
Manila, Philippines

Polling data released by Pulse Asia, a public opinion polling body in the Philippines, highlights the positive verdict of the majority of Filipino voters on the 2016 National and Local Elections.


The overwhelming majority of Filipinos gave a positive verdict on the elections:

  • 92% of respondents thought that the release of the results was fast.
  • 89% believed the results are credible.
  • 89% would like to see automated voting in future elections.
  • 93% considered voting was easy.

Compared to previous elections, 63 percent of the respondents consider the most recent polls to be more credible while 78 percent noted that the release of electoral results was faster than the May 2010 elections.


“We are proud to have delivered the technology used in these historic elections. These survey results are a testament to the role of technology in increasing voters’ trust as well as boosting turnout,” said Smartmatic Philippines General Manager, Elie Moreno.


The 2016 elections saw the fastest declaration of results in the country’s history. 84% of the election results were transmitted a few hours after polls closed, allowing for the declaration of the President and Vice President in record time and local election winners on election day or the day after.


Voter turnout in the May 2016 elections was also the highest since 1986 at 81%.


“These elections saw the largest ever deployment of vote counting machines in the world. This enabled voters in even the remotest parts of the country to know that their vote was counted accurately and rapidly,” Moreno added.


Pulse Asia conducted the survey on July 2-8, 2016 using face-to-face interviews with 1,200 representative adults 18 years old and above. The survey has a ± 3% error margin at the 95% confidence level.


About Smartmatic


Founded in the US in 2000, Smartmatic is the leading provider of voting technologies and solutions worldwide. Today, out of the eight countries pioneering election automation Smartmatic provides technology and services to six of them: Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, the Philippines, US and Venezuela.


The company has managed elections across five continents, processing over 3.7 billion votes. Smartmatic is headquartered in London, UK. For more information, visit www.smartmatic.com.





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