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Company : Cleartrip 
Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:44PM IST (9:14AM GMT)
Cleartrip's Online Corporate Booking Tool to give Corporate Houses 10 - 15 % Savings on Travel Expenditure
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Cleartrip.com launched their corporate travel product, Cleartripforbusiness,(http://www.cleartripforbusiness.com) which offers evolved travel solutions to corporates, which will help them account for travel expenses better and cut their travel costs.

Cleartripforbusiness (http://www.cleartripforbusiness.com) allows Corporates to book their domestic and International air tickets, hotels and Rail tickets with a guarantee for complete value-for-money as they can benefit from a saving of 5% on hotel bookings and 10% on all airline bookings. This would see an assured of 10-15% overall saving on travel expenditure using the online tool for making travel bookings. Cleartripforbusiness offers deposit accounts for Corporates that are updated/ deducted when a booking on the account is made.

Cleartripforbusiness(http://www.cleartripforbusiness.com) makes it the most transparent corporate travel product on the market today as it helps manage travel expenditure saves time, introduces transparency in the booking process, avoids billings with multiple vendors, provides on stop travel solution and has an extremely easy MIS for easy audit process. With a rights management tool, corporate can control the number of people who can book, view and run reports thereby segregating roles that allow the management of travel to be more efficient.

Cleartripforbusiness (http://www.cleartripforbusiness.com) search mechanism provides the best options for flights based on the company's requirements – departure and arrival times, airlines, number of stops, etc. Travel bookings are automatically tracked by department and by individuals - so you can easily tell how different departments or individuals are impacting travel budgets. Cleartripforbusiness has prepaid deposit account system of making individual payments for every booking. Corporates can subscribe for SMS or email alerts based on their convenience for trip notifications, last minute itinerary changes, automated refund notifications, status and tracking.

Cleartripforbusiness(http://www.cleartripforbusiness.com) will also make group travel simple and hassle free. The company can monitor their employees travel schedule in a single glance. Every business trip booked for a group with Cleartripforbusiness can be viewed as an online calendar complete with times and dates. To further the efficiency of the tool, CleartripforBusiness supports the industry-standard iCalendar format. The iCalendar standard is supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and many others.

In addition, a wide variety of payment options are supported, including credit cards, debit cards and net banking, so virtually anyone can use this medium. This is backed with world's most secure data encryption algorithms to protect online payments and keep customers safe from any kind of fraud or theft.

"We are expecting a 25% of business from the CleartripforBusiness product. We have 20 corporate houses already using the product and we will be focusing on SMEs amongst Tier I &II markets who will find this tool most beneficial'', said Stuart Crighton, Cleartrip's Founder and CEO.

With a seamless customer service provided 365 days a year, Cleartrip today serves over 6000 customers daily. The customer service team not only handles service related queries but also helps in generation of monthly MIS for incentive settlement, credit of refunds back to Deposit Account within 3 working days, etc. Following the principle of complete transparency and delivery of promise, Cleartrip assures its customers of the best travel experience.

About Cleartrip.com

Cleartrip.com (www.cleartrip.com) was launched in July 2006 and now commands 30% market share, making it the largest online travel company in India. Cleartrip is part of the group of companies that is driving the ecommerce revolution in India, with travel being the category contributing most to this space.

Cleartrip's main point of difference vs other OTAs, is it simplicity and transparency. Cleartrip offers its customers a variety of travel products and services including domestic and international flights and hotels, rail bookings, destination information/guides and hotel/restaurant ratings.

All Cleartrip's products are presented with a user interface that is convenient, incredibly straight forward, competitive, multiple payment options, competitive prices, information and unparalleled customer support. Cleartrip.com has 200 employees on board and offers 24x7 customer service.

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