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Company : 16 Frames Inc  
Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:15AM IST (5:45AM GMT)
16Frames.com Launches a New Photo and Video Services for Indians and NRIs
Now User can Send Photos & Videos in India from Anywhere in the World
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

16Frames, a leading online photo and video delivery service provider is offering its products and services primarily to all Indians living in India and abroad. Recently they have launched a new service which caters to Indians and NRIs. They can now upload, print photos, and publish videos on VCD/DVD, and ship them to anyone living anywhere in India from their computers.

16 Frames is the ultimate digital sharing machine that provides it's customers a way to upload, share, print, and deliver digital photos, pictures, videos and a number of other imaging products. Users can upload digital photos, pictures, and videos online, print or publish them online, and send photos to their family and friends in India. 16Frames service is easy, convenient and affordable.

To avail their services customers should first signup with 16Frames. Once logged in they can upload digital photos, pictures, and/or videos. They can then print photos or pictures and/or publish videos and have them shipped to their loved ones in India.

16Frames offers the lowest prices and a number of money saving promotions. They currently offer:

1. High quality photos prints on Kodak Professional photo printing paper and video on Sony VCDs and DVDs.

2. Lowest prices available anywhere online.

3. 10 free 4X6 photo prints on every 4X6 photo print order.

4. Refer a friend or a family member and get 5 free 4X6 photo prints on their first order.

5. Free photo Slide Show on a VCD.

6. Share (for free) photos and video with anyone online.

7. Once the order is placed we ship the ordered products within 1 working day.

16Frames.com has the best online features and provides the greatest user experience. There are a number of tools which enhance this user experience. These tools include:

1. Free online Photo Editor.

2. Secure online credit card transaction processing service.

3. Highly efficient and very user friendly digital Photo Uploader and Video Uploader.

4. 16Frames.com is compatible with both IE and FireFox browsers.

About 16Frames.com

16Frames is the ultimate digital sharing machine that provides consumers a way to upload, share, print, and deliver digital photos and a number of other imaging products. It provides a wide range of options at very competitive prices. It provides a number of great features like photo storage and sharing and use only quality Kodak photo prints.

For more information visit their web site at http://www.16frames.com or contact them at info@16frames.com.

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