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Company : (!) Yureekah Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd 
Friday, July 3, 2009 5:29PM IST (11:59AM GMT)
(!) ZIMBLEE, a Do-it-Yourself Platform, Revolutionizes Online Display Advertising
Pune, Maharashtra, India

- World's first truly custom online advertising creation and management tool

- Helps you create a professional online display ad

- Enables you to run an online ad campaign across multiple online publishers from a single interface

- Assists you monitor the performance of your campaign

- All these services are for free, you pay only for the media you buy

(!) Zimblee, a (!) Yureekah product is an online advertising self service platform that automates the process involved in scheduling, creating, launching and tracking an online advertising campaign.

This web-based self service platform is one of the world's first truly custom online advertising creation and management tool designed for advertisers, agencies and small business owners. This patent pending platform enables you to perform all the processes involved in launching an online advertising campaign while maintaining complete control and transparency with regard to where the ad is running.

This user friendly tool offers a network of high quality trusted publishers to choose from with a streamlined scheduling and buying process. An advertiser can run a campaign based on two payment methods i.e. Cost Per Thousand Impressions or Cost Per Click to optimize their budgets.

On the launch of the product Vishal Sharma, CEO, (!)Yureekah, said, "We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our unique self service platform for the online display advertising industry. As we know India is, and will continue to be a growing and evolving market, with its own unique challenges. I am confident this easy-to-use interface will provide a new dimension to the online advertising landscape and assist advertisers in launching campaigns in minutes."

Devaraj Southworth, COO, (!)Yureekah, said "In a turbulent economic environment it is more important than ever to enable an advertiser to control budgets and closely measure ROI. (!) Zimblee provides this control to advertisers by providing them with a truly transparent platform."

For more information, please visit: www.zimblee.com

About (!) Yureekah

(!) Yureekah is a technology company with deep domain knowledge and expertise in digital advertising solutions. With core competencies in designing, building and developing products for online advertising, (!) Yureekah has and will continue to deliver products and services that will enhance the online advertising process.

(!) Yureekah Search is the world's first search engine for online media professionals. This search engine tracks online media campaigns running around the world in real time. This patent pending and free to access ‘competitor search engine' will help online media professionals, advertisers, small business owners and online publishers to obtain competitive intelligence regardless of geography, language and time zone.

With (!) Yureekah Search you can search by brand, keywords, size and publisher. (!) Yureekah also gives you access to an easy-to-use account management tools to categorize and store your searches.

For more information, please visit: www.yureekah.com

To view the photograph, please click on the link given below:

L-R Vishal Sharma, Devaraj Southworth

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