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Company Name : Ola

Thursday, November 16, 2017 4:55PM IST (11:25AM GMT)

Virat Kohli Joins Hands with Ola in its Campaign against Pollution and Congestion in Delhi-NCR

Virat Kohli bats for Ola Share; urges citizens to opt for shared mobility

New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • #FarakPadtaHai, Ola’s campaign against pollution and congestion continues to inspire India
  • Ola promises to make the Ola Share ride free for first-timers, one day of every week of the year, to encourage Delhiites to opt for shared mobility
  • Virat’s social media posts gain heavy traction within hours of him posting his video, engaging top celebrities and influencers; and continues to gather momentum! 
With Delhi-NCR battling smog and heavy air pollution levels over the past week, Ola, India’s most popular mobile app for transportation, has kicked off the fourth leg of its year-long campaign, #FarakPadtaHai. The campaign was launched on 5th June, on World Environment Day to raise awareness for congestion and pollution issues and encourage adoption of shared mobility.
Taking Ola’s innings ahead, Virat Kohli, Delhi’s own cricket icon and the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, has joined the fight against pollution and traffic congestion.  Bringing more attention towards deteriorating air quality levels in Delhi-NCR, Kohli urged his fans and followers to adopt shared mobility solutions like metro trains, buses, and Ola Share, through his social media platforms.
Virat’s tweet - #Delhi, we need to talk! #MujheFarakPadtaHai
Video copy:
I wanted to bring your attention to the pollution situation in Delhi. We can keep debating on what’s causing this pollution, but what are we doing about it?
Dilli ki pollution kam karne ki zimmedari hum sabki hai
Agar pollution ke khilaf match jeetna hai,
Toh hamme ek saath khelna hoga.
So guys, let’s come together and share our rides whenever we can. I want you to take the bus, take the metro or take an Ola share if you can.
Even if we do it once a week, we can make a huge difference...Kyunki har chotte action se bhi #FarakPadtaHai.
If you agree, share this post, and show your support.

Virat’s Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1566369543450143&id=326546224099154
Virat’s Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/p/BbhleplgTaj/

Fighting the issue of vehicular pollution and congestion through its #FarakPadtaHai campaign, Ola pledged its support to Kohli by promising free rides for all first time Ola Share users, once every week of the year; appealing citizens to retweet Virat’s tweet, bringing more attention to the benefits of ridesharing.
Ola’s tweet:
Aye Aye Captain! Let's do things that are in our control. If Virat's tweet reaches 5000 RTs, we'll give free share rides once a week for the rest of the year to all new users who switch to #OlaShare. What say Delhi, care to share? RT @imVkohli & make a difference. #FarakPadtaHai
“The pollution in Delhi is concerning. It is important that each one of us, in our own meaningful way, fights this battle as our own. We are thrilled to have a youth icon like Virat Kohli join the #FarakPadtaHai campaign in India’s fight against air pollution, especially in the capital city. We urge all citizens to spread the message of switching to shared mobility, by travelling by bus, metro or take an Ola Share. It is indeed a small step but will lead to a big change! Ola is committed to helping every citizen take that first step by unlocking free rides for all new Share users once every week for the rest of the year,” said Vishal Kaul, COO at Ola. “Share karke dekho, #FarakPadtaHai,” he added.
By creating flat fares zones across Delhi-NCR on Ola Share, Ola is encouraging the adoption of shared rides and greener mobility as small steps towards making a big difference. Share Pass has tremendously helped in reducing the barriers to trial for Ola Share. It provides an easy way to lock in low, fixed fares on Ola Share rides and has seen phenomenal adoption through the #FarakPadtaHai campaign.
Being the pioneers of the ride-sharing market in India, through #FarakPadtaHai, Ola is encouraging more and more consumers to share resources in a bid to reduce the impact on the environment. Ola Share can be availed at an affordable price of Rs 35 across Delhi NCR. Additionally, a 10-ride Share Pass is available at just Rs 10, enabling pocket-friendly commute around NCR with shared rides at flat fares.
In addition to encouraging adoption of shared commute, Ola is also distributing Spider plant saplings at various metro stations to commuters. Spider plants offer many health benefits and are commonly used to remove harmful chemicals from the air, proving helpful in the current high pollution conditions.

About #FarakPadtaHai

Ola’s integrated #FarakPadtaHai campaign, kickstarted on 5th June 2017 on World Environment Day, has seen great reception, both qualitatively and for business. The campaign encourages people to switch to shared mobility, and do their share in reducing vehicular pollution and traffic congestion levels in their cities. The success of Ola’s campaign has also been due to multiple offline and online initiatives coming together under the same umbrella starting from Virender Sehwag flagging off the campaign, to other initiatives with City Traffic Police departments, activations across colleges, corporate parks, and metro rail stations and continuous engagement through their social channels, making for a holistic campaign.
About Ola

Founded in Jan 2011 by IIT Bombay alumni Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, Ola (formerly Olacabs), is India’s most popular mobile app for personal transportation. Ola integrates city transportation for customers and driver partners onto a mobile technology platform ensuring convenient, transparent and quick service fulfilment. Ola is committed to its mission of building mobility for a billion people. Using the Ola mobile app, users across 110 cities can book from over 800,000 vehicles across cabs, auto-rickshaws and taxis. Ola has also introduced a range of shared mobility services on its platform like Ola Shuttle and Ola Share for commute and ride-sharing respectively. The app is available on Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Please visit www.olacabs.com/media for more information.

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News Summary

With Delhi-NCR battling smog and heavy air pollution levels over the past week, Ola, India’s most popular mobile app for transportation, has kicked off the fourth leg of its year-long campaign, #FarakPadtaHai.