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Company Name : Delos Capital

Friday, September 14, 2018 12:15PM IST (6:45AM GMT)


Sage Metals Acquires Trident Components

New York, United States

Sage Metals Private Limited (“Sage”), a portfolio company of Delos Capital (“Delos”) and leading manufacturer of specialty metal products, has announced the acquisition of Trident Components, LLC (“Trident”).


Based in Granbury, TX, Trident is a provider of specialty metal formed products and solutions to customers based primarily in North America operating in industrial and consumer end markets.


The acquisition expands product offerings and manufacturing capabilities to customers of both companies. In addition, the combination strengthens Sage’s presence and distribution capabilities in North America.


“Sage is very excited about this acquisition. Trident will enhance our process and distribution capabilities to service our customers in North America. The rich experience of John and Jeff of Trident will be of immense value to Sage in pursuing its growth objectives in North America in the coming years,” said R. Krishnan, CEO of Sage.


John Perfetto, CEO and Co-Founder of Trident, said, “We are eager to get started with Sage and share our new capabilities with all of our customers. Sage has a great group of people and we are looking forward to working with them.”


Jeff Bowdish, President and Co-Founder of Trident, said, “This is a great fit for Sage and our customers.”


About Delos Capital


Delos Capital, founded in 2013, is a lower middle market private equity firm specializing in management buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth investments.





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Delos Capital
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