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Company Name : Ola

Monday, October 23, 2017 1:45PM IST (8:15AM GMT)

Ola Marches on with the Message of #FarakPadtaHai

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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  • Ola came up with the new campaign #FarakPadtaHai
  • This Diwali, the campaign #FarakPadtaHai continued with a video, to take a small step on this big festival - Mudit Shekhawat
Ola has launched its latest film this Diwali, which highlights the continued efforts citizens are required to put-in to solve the issue of pollution and traffic congestion. With more and more people taking cognizance of pollution around the time of Diwali, Ola’s latest campaign seeks to keep the conversation around rising pollution and decreasing air quality alive throughout the year and not just during Diwali. While many small steps can help curb pollution, the company puts forth switching to shared rides and greener commuting as one small step towards making a big difference. With its latest digital campaign ‘#BigFestivalSmallStep’, Ola continues its focus on making a difference against India’s ever-increasing pollution problem. Third in the #FarakPadtaHai series.

Ola’s integrated #FarakPadtaHai campaign has seen great reception, both qualitatively and on the business. Other than television, the recently released TVC became very popular on social media as well. The success of Ola’s campaign has also been due to multiple initiatives coming together under the same umbrella starting from Virender Sehwag flagging off the campaign, to their initiatives with City Traffic Police departments, activations across colleges, corporate parks and metro rail stations and continuous engagement through their social channels.

Ola also flagged off a year-long campaign titled like #FarakPadtaHai on World Environment Day, 5th June 2017 to create awareness around shared mobility in the country. The company recently launched a much-acclaimed TVC on the same during Independence Day. This new social film is the latest addition in multiple online and offline activities rolled out by Ola under the campaign.

“Through #FarakPadtaHai campaign, Ola rolled out multiple online and offline activities in various cities to drive the message of shared mobility home. A solution like Ola Share is poised to solve the growing issues of traffic congestion and vehicular pollution and hence, it is important for us to ensure that more and more people are made aware of the benefits of shared mobility and take that crucial first step in that direction. This Diwali, the campaign continued with a video, that asks people to take a small step on this big festival - Designed in the typography style, the video questions the rise in concern over pollution during Diwali and urges people to keep the concern on - all 365 days of the year,” said Mudit Shekhawat, Senior Director, Marketing at Ola, he further added, “Bursting firecrackers or not is a matter of choice and the video uses the same power of choice to encourage people to choose to take a step against pollution all year around.”

Social media trends indicate that there is a visible spike in conversations around pollution during Diwali which usually dies down after the festival. With this campaign, Ola advocates citizens to keep this sentiment alive throughout the year, and with it, the resolve against pollution on a daily basis. The video full script is composed with these lines.

BOOM CRACK Noise Pollution BANG, Crackers Smog Ban Choke, Cough Complain
And it goes on again! The same words, every year, year on year, This Diwali, light up or don’t. That is not for us to say, Celebrate the day, but don’t get swayed, Coz Diwali will come and go, but pollution will stay, It’s not what you do on one day, but today, tomorrow, every day
So, let’s take a small step on this BIG festive day, Let’s turn green in not just one but every way, Take the metro, take the bus, take the train, Share your ride, share a cab, Because ride-sharing can help pave the way, Not just today, tomorrow, every single day,
Take a small step on this big day.

#FarakPadtaHai #BigFestivalSmallStep

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News Summary

Ola has launched its latest film this Diwali, which highlights the continued efforts citizens are required to put-in to solve the issue of pollution and traffic congestion.