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Company Name : NTT Communications Corporation

Monday, November 13, 2017 8:15PM IST (2:45PM GMT)


NTT Communications to Acquire Secure-24, Leading Provider of Managed Services in U.S.

TOKYO, Japan & Southfield, Mich., United States

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group (TOKYO:9432), and Secure-24 Intermediate Holdings, Inc. (Secure-24), a U.S.-based leading provider of comprehensive managed services, announced today that their respective shareholders entered into a definitive agreement on November 13 (Japan Standard Time), pursuant to which NTT Com will wholly acquire Secure-24.


The demand for managed services is growing steadily worldwide and managed-IT services, one of Secure-24’s core businesses, are expected to see especially significant growth in the U.S. market.


Secure-24 specializes in delivering effective, comprehensive managed services that leverage proprietary, highly automated operation tools. Its clients represent Fortune 1000 companies in sectors including manufacturing, finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, insurance, government, transportation and more.


NTT Com will leverage Secure-24’s extensive portfolio of managed application and database services, including SAP, SAP HANA, Oracle, Hyperion, JD Edwards, Microsoft, Epic, custom, industry and other mission-critical applications.


Secure-24 is structured for continued growth, fueled by an in-house training academy that builds engineers from a mid-to-long-term perspective. In addition to over 100 industry and partner awards and acknowledgements, Secure-24 has been named one of Computerworld’s 100 Best Places to Work in IT for five consecutive years.


NTT Com and NTT Group companies including Dimension Data expect to combine Secure-24 services with NTT Group capabilities such as cloud to enhance their ability to meet hybrid IT requirements with high-quality managed services that are increasingly in demand worldwide.


“This acquisition brings the unparalleled service levels, application expertise, security and compliance support of Secure-24 to the global NTT community,” said Mike Jennings, CEO of Secure-24.


Going forward, NTT Com will continue supporting the business transformation of customers by steadily enhancing its IT functions and systems, including for evolving applications on cloud platforms, and thereby satisfy expanding needs for diverse, global managed services.


About NTT Communications Corporation


NTT Communications provides consultancy, architecture, security and cloud services to optimize the information and communications technology (ICT) environments of enterprises. These offerings are backed by the company’s worldwide infrastructure, including the leading global tier-1 IP network, the Arcstar Universal One™ VPN network reaching over 190 countries/regions, and over 140 secure data centers worldwide. NTT Communications’ solutions leverage the global resources of NTT Group companies including Dimension Data, NTT DOCOMO and NTT DATA.
www.ntt.com | Twitter@NTT Com | Facebook@NTT Com | LinkedIn@NTT Com


About Secure-24 Intermediate Holdings, Inc.


Secure-24 has 16 years of experience delivering mission critical application hosting, comprehensive managed IT, cloud and security services to enterprises worldwide. Secure-24's focus on superior service, support, governance and compliance has driven industry-leading client satisfaction rates. The company is an SAP certified Hosting, HANA, and Cloud partner and an Oracle Platinum Partner managing Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Hyperion applications across all industries for businesses of every size. Secure-24 has been named one of Computerworld’s 100 Best Places to Work in IT for five consecutive years. Visit www.secure-24.com to learn more about Secure-24 products and services.





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Media Contacts
NTT Communications
Mr. Masaki Nomoto / Ms. Minako Yamashita
Public Relations
Corporate Planning Department
Secure-24 Intermediate Holdings, Inc.
Ms. Tawanna Sanders
Director, Marketing

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