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Company Name : LikeCoin

Sunday, March 4, 2018 2:09PM IST (8:39AM GMT)


LikeCoin Issues First 30,000 Tokens to Activate New Blockchain-based Ecosystem for Content Creators

Hong Kong

LikeCoin today announced the genesis of more than 30,000 new tokens over the Chinese New Year period after a successful Red Packet program that resulted in more than 2,000 people in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries receiving freshly-minted LikeCoin’s as part of their festive celebrations.


The Red Packet campaign helps LikeCoin in its mission to create a new digital currency for freelance photographers, artists and designers, and grow an innovative blockchain-based ecosystem that rewards content creators globally. During the Chinese New Year period in February, content creators including Kit Man, Horyuken and Yansquare received LikeCoin’s for their works, showcasing the effectiveness of the LikeCoin platform in equitably incentivizing creativity.


“Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, LikeCoin will tokenize the creative output of artists across the world as their works are appreciated and shared,” said Kin Ko, Founder of LikeCoin. “Creativity and reward had been decoupled for too long, and LikeCoin is designed to rectify current inefficiencies and encourage increased creativity in a reshaped industry ecosystem.”


During the Red Packet campaign in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, recipients of newly-minted LikeCoins were free to keep or transfer their Ethereum ERC-20-based tokens to their designated artists and content creators in recognition of their works including photographs, graphic designs and videos.


LikeCoin creates unique fingerprints for all creative contents and tracks footprints of all derivative works along with creators and distributors of the content. Powered by a global, decentralised and resilient IPFS-based technology, LikeCoin’s proprietary Like Button and LikeRank algorithm enable attribution and collaboration of content across multiple platforms and applications, allowing content creators and content adopters to curate contents and record the data on blockchain for other distributors to use.


The LikeCoin ecosystem will support creative content in many formats including photos, illustrations, videos and articles. Original content may be distributed by content distributors directly or modified, forming derivative work which can be adopted for use by content adopters. In the LikeCoin ecosystem, original creators and content adopters potentially receive LikeCoin from audiences on their own service providers, from content adopters further downstream, and from content distributors. LikeCoin’s unique Proof of Creativity mechanism and blockchain Smart Contract are proven to incentivize creators and will help drive broad adoption by distribution platforms and service providers in the ecosystem.


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About LikeCoin


LikeCoin aims to reinvent the “Like” by realigning creativity and reward. We enable attribution and cross-application collaboration on creative contents. With a reinvented Like button and our unique LikeRank algorithm, we trace content footprint and reward creators by Proof of Creativity mechanism.





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