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Company Name : 3G Licensing S.A.

Friday, February 24, 2017 6:15PM IST (12:45PM GMT)


KPN and Mitsubishi Electric Join 3G Licensing S.A. in the Joint Licensing Agreement Offering for 3G Technology


3G Licensing S.A., a subsidiary of the Sisvel Group, announced that KPN and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (in the following Mitsubishi Electric) have joined its 3G Joint Licensing Agreement offering which aggregates 3G patents from different patent owners with the purpose of offering fair, predictable and cost-effective royalties for 3G patents.


KPN and Mitsubishi Electric's decision to join this effort emphasizes the importance of the 3G licensing program, focused until now on the assets owned by 3G Licensing S.A. This decision simplifies the licensing activity by aggregating 3G essential patents from various patent owners and greatly increases the benefit of having a license for companies implementing and commercializing products using the 3G technology. This evolution demonstrates the patent owner’s support towards a true level playing field.


KPN and Mitsubishi Electric, together with Orange, have all played a key role in defining the 3G standards. Therefore, the contribution of these patents to the Joint Licensing Agreement offering is particularly significant in terms of the increased number of patents and of their technical strength.


The patents licensed by 3G Licensing S.A. cover technologies used in a wide range of mobile communication devices and services (“3G technology” or “3G”). In particular, the 3G patents have been deemed essential to UMTS, the third generation mobile communication technology standard, as well as the WCDMA, ARIB STD-T63, TD-SCDMA, FOMA, HSPA, HSPA+, HSUPA and HSDPA Standards being derivative standards thereof.


The participation of these patent owners in this licensing agreement underlines their willingness to make wireless technologies more accessible to the market under FRAND conditions and to support a level playing field.


“We are very proud that KPN and Mitsubishi Electric have decided to enter our 3G licensing program,” stated Ben Beune, Chief Licensing Officer of the Sisvel Group, “we have made considerable progress and the participation of our current patent owners highlights the increasing importance of our 3G program in helping manufacturers offer products in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.”


Information about the terms and conditions of 3G Licensing S.A. licenses under these patents, including royalty rates and the types of products covered, is available at http://www.3g-licensing.com/3g-licensing-program/license-terms or from 3G Licensing S.A. upon request by companies currently requiring a license.


You may contact 3G Licensing S.A. at the following e-mail address: info@3G-licensing.com


About 3G Licensing S.A.


3G Licensing S.A., a subsidiary of the Sisvel Group, is an Intellectual Property company founded in 2015, operating in the consumer electronics and telecommunications industry. The company’s main activity is to manage, administer, develop and implement the 3G Licensing program into the market.
The team is composed of specialists with an extensive experience in administering licensing programs on behalf of third-party companies and organizations. For additional information, please visit www.3g-licensing.com





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CONTACTS : Media Contact Veronica Pugi Senior Communications Officer of the Sisvel Group veronica.pugi@sisvel.com

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