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Company Name : Hallstar

Monday, October 23, 2017 4:30PM IST (11:00AM GMT)


Hallstar's New Photostabilizer, AvoBrite®, Solves Customers' Regulatory Challenges While Delivering Outstanding Photoprotection

CHICAGO, United States

Building on two decades of photoprotection technology, Hallstar recently launched its latest innovation, AvoBrite®. The debut of this China-compliant photostabilizer in the formulation of VProve’s “Daily Perfect Sun Essence” from Korean manufacturer Cosmax is the capstone of an intensive development effort.


“Hallstar has earned a reputation for market expertise and formulation know-how, and AvoBrite® is a great example of how we collaborate with customers to address their needs,” says Beauty & Personal Care Market Development Manager Dennis Zlotnik.


In today’s dynamic photoprotection industry, formulators need products that have a pleasant sensoriality, but they’re also facing increasing regulatory requirements around the globe. Before investing in any photoprotection innovation, a multinational company wants assurance that the ingredient will be compliant in its largest markets.


Both China and Korea require that new sun care products include PA++++ level of protection from UVA rays. But Hallstar recognized that the most popular UVA filter, Avobenzone, requires a stabilizer to remain effective. The challenge was to enable Avobenzone while maintaining pleasing aesthetics and formulation flexibility. With the addition of AvoBrite®, VProve’s new sun care product can be applied daily to guard skin against the environmental effects of modern-day city life.


Hallstar’s global R&D team collaborated closely on the photostabilizer that would become AvoBrite®. “We began the development process at our lab in Chicago and collaborated closely with our center-of-excellence in Suzhou, China, which enabled us to meet a very tight deadline,” explains Felicia Parks, Ph.D., Technical Director for Beauty & Personal Care. “We were also greatly helped by conducting in vivo trials for AvoBrite® in Korea, and iterating extensively with our largest channel partner in that region.”


Zlotnik sees Hallstar, with its global R&D team, its understanding of Asia’s regulatory hurdles, and its efficient size, as the perfect collaborator to have designed this new technology. “Any good sales rep will say they can solve their clients’ problems, but I’m not sure if a larger company would have been interested in working with a contract manufacturer on a product like AvoBrite®. Developing the innovation that our clients require is what Hallstar does best.”


Learn more about AvoBrite® and Hallstar’s other innovative chemistry at in-cos Asia in Bangkok starting October 31. Hallstar will be exhibiting with our regional distributors Forecus (Booth G30) and PC Intertrade (Booth N11).


Visit www.hallstar.com for more information.





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