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Company Name : Prince Pipes & Fittings Pvt. Ltd.

Saturday, March 25, 2017 12:29PM IST (6:59AM GMT)

Green Inch, a Water Conservation Initiative by Prince Piping Systems

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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  • StudentsStudents taking Green Inch Pledge at the Wilson college’s annual Ole fest in Mumbai
Our planet is brimming with water on all sides. About 97% of planet earth is water. Then what is the water shortage all about, you ask.
Well, as it turns out, only 2.5 % of all of the earth’s water is fresh water. Sustaining the global population on such limited resources is indeed a challenge. Every day, we use approximately 130 litres of water, a lot more than what we actually need for our daily usage. For our daily usage, we turn the taps way more than required, resulting in a massive quantity of water loss. Instead, if we turn only an inch of the tap, it will serve our purpose and also reduce the loss of water.
Prince Piping Systems launched a campaign, The Green Inch at Wilson College, Mumbai, at the college’s annual fest, Ole Fest, from January 27th to 29th. The Green Inch is an inch long sticker that one simply needs to stick under a tap or faucet. Activation was conducted in the college washrooms and canteen These Green Inch stickers were placed under all the taps in the college. Posters were placed with instructions to turn the taps till the end of the sticker only, and reduce water loss. Students were quick to warm up to the activity and were also seen queuing up at the Prince Pipes and Fittings stall to collect their own Green Inch stickers. They were encouraged to stick these one inch long stickers under the taps/faucets in their own homes to reduce loss of water. The campaign was concluded with a representative from Prince Pipes explaining the crucial need for water conservation to the students along with an audio visual on the same. The initiative was lauded by all the students present and saw frequent mentions on twitter with the #greeninch.
YouTube: Green Inch Video
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Green Inch is a water conservation initiative taken by Prince Piping Systems. It is an inch long sticker that one simply needs to stick under a tap or faucet. This simple step helps us to utilize water more efficiently. This campaign was launched at Wilson College’s annual Ole fest in Mumbai, from January 27th to 29th 2017. Students were encouraged to stick these inch long stickers under the taps/faucets in their own homes to reduce loss of water.