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Company Name : Freudenberg

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 5:29PM IST (11:59AM GMT)

Freudenberg Drives New Mobility

Global Technology Group at Auto Component Expo 2018

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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  • FreudenbergFreudenberg Group E-Mobility
Internal combustion engines, hybrid technologies, fuel cells, pure electric vehicles or autonomous driving – getting from one place to another in a vehicle will soon be more varied. The Freudenberg Group is aware of the changes and is working on mobility concepts of tomorrow. The concepts include innovative solutions beyond electric mobility.
New Mobility concepts pose major challenges to automotive manufacturers and suppliers, who need to prepare electric mobility for mass production. The Freudenberg Group is an important automotive supplier and is examining the trend closely and working to create innovative solutions.
“Our product diversity is our strength. We are the global market leader in our niches. When our customers want innovative products for internal combustion engines, we give them the solution they need. Some of our products can also be used in hybrid vehicles and we have more than ten years of experience with high performance batteries. Our battery products can also be used in purely electric vehicles and we also have expertise in a fourth drivetrain: the fuel cell. We have been researching fuel cells for 20 years,” said Dr. Mohsen Sohi, CEO, Freudenberg Group on new mobility.
Demand always drives supply. In the future, Freudenberg predicts relevancy for multiple drivetrain types – depending on their intended use. Electric vehicles will come sooner to urban areas, while efficient internal combustion engines will remain relevant in rural areas and for vehicles travelling greater distances. Technology will cater to consumer needs. The Group expects the changes to be more of an evolution than a revolution.
“We want to remain a competent supplier of high-tech innovation – for all drivetrain types. The innovations will include improvements to current internal combustion engines, hybrid engines or fuel cells along with those to purely electric vehicles. Thanks to our technological and material expertise, we will remain an important partner for many OEMs. Just look at battery technology or fuel cell products for example. Our nonwovens and filters are highly relevant to these markets. The markets for our sealing technology products are going to change, while they remain highly relevant. Our job is to advance the technologies we have, find new ideas and move forward with our customers,” said Georg Graf, Regional Representative, Freudenberg Regional Corporate Center India.
Components are often used in critical areas, such as batteries, engines, charging units and numerous other elements. Innovative Freudenberg solutions help make vehicles safer by using the latest battery components. Filters help keep air clean in vehicle interiors. A broad spectrum of seals increases vehicle life and improves thermal management. State-of-the-art vibration control systems help control vehicular noise and specialty chemical lubricants make them more efficient.
The automotive industry will remain extremely important to Freudenberg; our customers are driving our innovations. Technologies developed for the automotive industry can be used elsewhere in the Group.
The Freudenberg Group has solutions for all these areas, including internal combustion, electric, hybrid or electric-battery based vehicles.
Safety: We make cars safer. Our vehicle products and solutions are essential for passenger safety.
Efficiency: To reduce energy consumption, vehicles need to be more efficient. Our products optimize performance and efficiency.
Health: In enclosed spaces, particularly in vehicle cabins, the passenger is exposed to small particles and gases, including harmful substances such as benzene, toluene or ozone. Our products can eliminate minuscule particulate matter to help safeguard the health of vehicle occupants.
Noise Reduction: Noise and vibrations result from powertrain elements and adverse road conditions. Our products ensure a smoother, safe and noise-free ride.
Weight Saving: Reducing a vehicle’s weight is vital to improving its efficiency and reducing emissions and helps in developing future mobility options.
Freudenberg has many businesses dedicated to providing excellent automotive solutions.
At the Auto Component Expo 2018 in New Delhi, Freudenberg will exhibit advanced and innovative products for the automotive industry. The new products combine sustainable and innovative solutions with high efficiency. More information on new mobility in this video.

About Freudenberg in India
Freudenberg has held business ties with companies in India for more than 90 years. The Group employs some 2,500 associates at 50 locations. Freudenberg in India recorded sales of Rs. 1,483 crore in 2016. For further information please go to www.freudenberg.in.
About the Freudenberg Group
Freudenberg is a global technology group that strengthens its customers and society long-term through forward-looking innovations. Together with its partners, customers and research institutions, the Freudenberg Group develops leading-edge technologies and excellent products and services for more than 30 markets and for thousands of applications. Strength of innovation, strong customer orientation, diversity, and team spirit are the cornerstones of the Group. The 168-year-old company holds strong to its core values: a commitment to excellence, reliability and pro-active, responsible action. In 2016, the Freudenberg Group employed more than 48,000 people in almost 60 countries worldwide and generated sales of approximately €8.6 billion. For more information, please visit www.freudenberg.com.

Products on display and launch plans
Sigma Freudenberg NOK: The company delivers sealing solutions for the automotive industry and has over 100 years of experience with advanced technology. A leader in the sealing market, we have a large product range – including everything from O-Rings to bidirectional, low-friction cassette seals. The team will showcase the latest low friction sealing technology for improved efficiency and seamless integration into new automotive innovations, including engines, transmissions, suspension systems, steering systems, drivetrains, climate control, brakes, fuel systems, electrification and turbochargers. Visit the stall at Auto Component Expo 2018, Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi for more information at Hanger B, Stall No. 33.
Corteco: Corteco is a leading supplier of components for independent automotive aftermarket. As a Freudenberg Group company, they supply over 20,000 OEM products. Independent garages trust Corteco spare parts and benefit from Freudenberg’s high standards and product quality. Corteco has manufacturing plants/ distribution centers in over 15 different countries and Noida, India. The Freudenberg Group lets us reach customers in 60 countries around the world. At the auto show, Corteco will explain the latest automotive technologies and products. Visit the stall at Auto Component Expo 2018, Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi for more information at Hanger B, Stall No. 33.
Klüber Lubrication: Car makers and parts manufacturers need lubricants that satisfy customer requirements and have key elements of long-term temperature resistance, noise damping or maintain excellent friction values over the life of a vehicle or part. A car has about 250 friction points with different lubrication needs and Klüber has solutions for each of them. Some have been successful for years and others are customized and tested lubricants for specific requirements. The company has a product portfolio including over 200 specialist products designed in-house in collaboration with the customer. Noise dampening and a top-quality feel is vital to vehicle interiors. Klüber Lubrication will showcase key new products like Isoflex Topas L32N, Syntheso GLK 1 PF, Arosta 471, Klübertemp GR AR 555, Klüberplex RS 41-151, Klüberelectric HB 72-102, Klüberalfa DH 3 – 150N, Klüberalfa DH 3 – 350N at the AutoExpo 2018 focusing on NVH, E- mobility, low-odor greases, conveyor lubrication and products for the body exterior and interior. Visit the stall at Auto Component Expo 2018 Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi for more information at Hall 7ABC, Stall No. 17.4.
OKS: The automotive industry demands high reliability and efficiency. Even a few minutes of downtime in your factory can be costly and vehicle lubrication requires even greater care as it affects vehicle performance and helps protect your brand. You thus need the right maintenance and manufacturing lubricants in your vehicles and components. OKS products make sure your production remains uninterrupted and vehicle performance unmatched. OKS will showcase solutions for the aftermarket, conveyor lubrication, plastic injection molding, etc. The products on display will include OKS Silicon grease, OKS 475 HS, OKS Chain lube sprays, OKS Clutch and brake cleaner, OKS rust breaker, OKS HDB grease, OKS multipurpose grease and the OKS 2650. All these products will be on display at the stall. To find out more, please visit our stall at Auto Component Expo 2018, Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi at Hall 7ABC, Stall No. 17.4.

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Roopa Nagaraju, Freudenberg Regional Corporate Center India Pvt. Ltd., +91-9538522286, +91 (80) 66901358, roopa.nagaraju@freudenberg.in

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News Summary

Internal combustion engines, hybrid technologies, fuel cells, pure electric vehicles or autonomous driving - getting from one place to another in a vehicle will soon be more varied. The Freudenberg Group is aware of the changes and is working on mobility concepts of tomorrow. The concepts include innovative solutions beyond electric mobility.