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Company Name : CA Technologies

Friday, November 17, 2017 12:30PM IST (7:00AM GMT)


CA Technologies Raises the Bar on Digital Trust with A.I. Powered Software and Intelligent Automation

New mainframe innovations help customers speed time to resolution by 5X, reduce insider threats and cut operational expenses by 25 percent

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced new, modern mainframe solutions that help organizations gain insights to predict and remediate performance issues automatically, protect customer privacy, drive agility and decrease costs. With CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence, CA Trusted Access Manager for Z and CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence, companies can leverage analytics and machine-learning to increase digital trust with their customers.
“It’s critical to lay the foundation of digital trust with 80 percent of the world’s corporate data residing on mainframes that run 68 percent of the world’s production workloads,” said Ashok Reddy, general manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies. “Digital trust is essential to enable enterprises to verify people, protect data and assure app integrity and performance. Through A.I. and machine-learning powered intelligent automation, CA’s new mainframe solutions enable increased insights across broader sets of data. This will help businesses manage retiring skills through intelligent automation, while increasing security, scalability and flexibility on their current platforms, including IBM Z, in a secure and trusted environment.”
Earlier prevention, faster resolution with machine-learning
CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence uses machine-learning and automation to capture patterns, triggering dynamic and reliable remediation. The solution builds on anomaly detection so users can predict issues sooner and automate resolution before service level agreements (SLAs) are impacted.
Available with an IBM System Management Facilities (SMF) Adapter, customers can now absorb additional data directly from the IBM Z environment to gather intelligence from mainframe data outside of CA products. This is key because when it comes to machine learning and intelligence, the wider the set of data, the more accurate the predictions.
“Supporting a variety of new business initiatives, our IT environment continues to grow more complex,” said Seth Miller, director, Enterprise Server Resource Planning and Automation, AIG. “We are looking to incorporate machine-learning and intelligence to simplify and improve our IT operations to further reduce costs while providing an outstanding customer experience.”
Reinforcing trust in the next era of cyber threats
Almost two billion data records around the world were lost or stolen by cyberattacks in the first half of 2017, according to the latest findings by digital security provider Gemalto1, and of the 65 companies evaluated, the breach cost shareholders over $52.40 billion in total.
To help manage risk and maintain customer trust, CA is boosting enterprise security with CA Trusted Access Manager for Z, the only mainframe solution on the market which enables security leaders to restrict and monitor all activity by privileged identities on the mainframe. Organizations can better manage their data and address security and compliance needs with the CA mainframe security suite that includes CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager that covers new classes of data, new US and European regulatory requirements.
"Security and the risk associated with cybercrime is a rising concern for all enterprises," said Mark Anzani, vice president of strategy, IBM Z. "With IBM z14 and the solutions CA provides, our mutual customers can address these security and compliance challenges, while innovating rapidly to drive their business."
Controlling costs in the application economy
With CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence, businesses can avoid unplanned spikes in capacity usage to better manage costs by achieving SLA objectives with predictable monthly license charges. Customers can continually analyze workloads and dynamically move capacity to where and when it’s needed, providing IT and business stakeholders a predictable and proactive way to ensure critical workloads are completed.
“While lowering costs is important, arguably IT needs to guarantee SLA objectives for critical workloads,” said Manfred Hartmann, managing director, MHB IT Consulting. “I have observed that CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence provides rapid customer value by streamlining operations, while also ensuring critical workloads received the capacity they needed. It also helped predict costs more accurately, which for one company resulted in nearly a 10 percent cost reduction.”
CA Technologies is showcasing over twenty innovations and enhancements across the portfolio at CA World ’17These solutions give companies the ability to respond and adapt to change, as well as evolve existing technology investments for future success. From on-premises to the cloud and everything in between, only CA delivers industry-leading products, solutions and expertise that removes the barriers to compete and succeed.
For more information on all news being announced at CA World ‘17, please visit the CA World ‘17 Newsroom. To access replays of the CA World ’17 keynotes, please click here.

1The number of devastating cyberattacks is surging — and it's likely to get much worse, CNBC, Sept. 20, 2017

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CA announced new modern mainframe solutions that help organizations gain insights to predict and remediate performance issues automatically, protect customer privacy, drive agility and decrease costs.