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Company Name : Andersen Tax

Friday, March 9, 2018 2:15AM IST (8:45PM GMT)


Andersen Global Initiates Expansion in the United Kingdom

San Francisco, United States

Andersen Global is proud to announce its expansion in the United Kingdom through a Collaboration Agreement with a leading VAT firm in London, RBCVAT Limited. The firm, led by Roger Bevan, is a significant addition to increasing Andersen Global’s platform in this key market in Europe. RBCVAT Limited will be a part of the LLP that Andersen Global has formed in the United Kingdom with Founding Partners George McCracken and James Frost.


“The United Kingdom is the next major step in our firm’s growth and I wanted to ensure that we collaborated with a quality organization with a culture consistent with our objectives,” said Mark Vorsatz, Global Chairman and Andersen Tax LLC CEO. “Roger is an Arthur Andersen alumnus and was the first dedicated Andersen recruit in VAT in Europe, so he provides us with a superior firm and outstanding individuals that underscore our reputation as best-in-class. The addition of RBCVAT Limited coupled with Roger’s specialized capabilities is extremely advantageous for our firm, and I look forward to continuing our build-out of the United Kingdom.”


RBCVAT Limited was founded over 15 years ago and specializes in pan-European VAT advice and consultancy services. The firm’s expertise includes providing multi-national companies with business-led VAT advice, advising U.S. businesses on European in-bound transactions, supply chains and VAT planning, supporting U.S. businesses with their European VAT registrations and filings, and providing engaging VAT training packages.


“Our firm’s culture focuses on providing an unmatched attention to detail and outstanding, seamless service to our clientele while customizing our approach to their needs, and we continue to be the best-in-class VAT service provider for our clients for all European countries. Collaborating with Andersen Global will be an excellent fit as far as services that we provide and we are excited to even better meet the increasingly complex and international needs of our clients,” added Roger.


Andersen Global is an international association of legally separate, independent member firms comprised of tax and legal professionals around the world. Established in 2013 by U.S. member firm Andersen Tax LLC, Andersen Global now has more than 2,500 professionals worldwide and a presence in over 87 locations through its member firms and collaborating firms.







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