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Company Name : Unnati Silks

Saturday, September 23, 2017 2:30PM IST (9:00AM GMT)

6 Stunning Handloom Saree Looks for this Festive Season which will Make you a Style Icon and Bring Hope to the Declining Weavers

Hyderabad, India

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  • 66 Stunning Handloom Saree Looks for Dusshera and Durga Puja
This Dusshera & Navratri, Unnati Silks shows you how to be a Desi Style Icon with Classy Handlooms. And in turn provide the much needed support to the Indian weaving community. This Festive season bring home the Ethereal Handlooms and spread hope among the passionate weavers and artisans.
Smriti Irani, Union Textile Minister – “I wear handloom and urge the citizens of the country too to lend their support for using handloom products to benefit lakhs of weavers.”
Food, fabrics and festivity, not necessarily in that order, rule the mind, lighten the soul in this festival month that gets one to forget many a sorry thing of the past, rejuvenates the heart to get it warm and going, spreading happiness all around. Food and festivities are part and parcel of life, short lived and enjoyed while they last. Fabrics are what are lasting and long lived, a part of our life, a remembrance of the good.
Shobhana Marathe did not mince her words when she thought aloud, “I think I will settle for handlooms this time and live it up.” Party animal and socialite, she travels a lot, reads voraciously, and explores the corners of the country, taking in the sights and “unusual locations” with the same spirit and tenacity of an adventurer. “A long weighed thought based on what little I know about handlooms and my dear friend Parineeti raving about them several times last year got me thinking that I would jump for it at the earliest opportunity.”
What do we know about handlooms?
Well for a start they are woven on looms operated by hand and before the loom became operational crafted simply by hand and elementary devices. The Indian saree was one of the earliest in traditional clothing to become part of a woman’s like and daily wear. It is by the average Indian woman defined as ‘functional, festive and fashionable clothing’.
Cosy comfort afforded despite long durations of wear, it is colorful and cheery apparel that captures the essence of beauty and allure of a woman. The handloom saree has had endless avatars since it first came into existence in society, but the ethnic practitioner, the soul behind the traditional garment and fashion fabric, never got his due.
Mr. Kohli of Handloom House, a fairly brisk-business apparel store has been dealing in handlooms since 32 years. When the world was thinking about art silks and cheap fabrics he saw fit to stay with handlooms from the time he started. What went through his mind?
“Handlooms are a joy, a perfect expression of craft and craftsmanship of a very high order. Despite the limitations in resources, no ready knowledge on market tastes and ready rewards for the efforts put in, it shows the tenacity and tremendous dedication to his traditional vocation of choice that has made many a traditional handloom variety survive till this day. It became a moral obligation for me to support his genius in what small way I could. Time has vindicated me in this decision that I made.”
What is special about handlooms?
Each handloom product is unique and never replicated. The difference between seemingly similar products seen closely would reveal the slight changes in design, the orientation of a pattern, the border width or any other variation. Like an artist or any professional, who does not desire that any two works of his are similar but individually unique, so too the weaver, master of his craft creates the changes however slight they may be.
Simply because each handloom product is woven with devotion and care, given that individual attention that intentionally the weaver tends to give out of love for his craft.
Must Have Handlooms for this Festive Season From Unnati Silks
Scintillating Bandhani & Shibori
Imagine a whole lot of light colored dancing dots on a vast barren contrasted expanse, arranging themselves into nice patterns and wavy shapes. That is the exotic Bandhani and its variant Leheria Shibori for you. Sensational and gifted offerings, they come from the nomads of the desert regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Evolving out of a simple-seeming but extremely calculated process of tie & dye, whose accuracy and appeal arises from the way the knots in the form of resists are tied before dyeing, the precision in the placement of the knots and the colors that are chosen.
The IKat Precision
Ikat, a process that involves complex calculations, of dyeing the threads according to the chosen colors in the design and then arranging before the weaving, so that the patterns emerge within the weave is a test of logic, accuracy and execution that has baffled even the fashion pundits. The single ikat is by itself so intriguing, imagine the thought process that goes into the double ikat where both sides of the handloom saree look alike in every detail. An art that started in the small town of Patan in Gujarat, it is now a specialty of three handloom hubs of India, Pochampally in Telangana, Sambalpur in Odisha and Rajkot in Gujarat, each having their own flavours of local ethos and nuances in their ikat weaves and their by making Ikat sarees exotic .

These are random but shining examples of what the Indian weaver, rooted in tradition and excelling in his craft, has achieved.
Magical Kalamkari
If any craft design that has caught the imagination of fabric lovers at large, it is the kalamkari. A process craft that has been honed into a fine art, it is hand painting on fabrics where choice of theme, mix of color, the arrangement, the sharpness of the lines and intricate detailing, combine together to captivate, fascinate and enamor all those who come in contact with it. The delicate Peacock motifs and the vibrant floral prints will be a sure shot Magic this season.
The Heirloom Silks
The royal silks of Mysore, Dharmavaram, Kanchipuram and Benaras are well- known and acknowledged for their purity of materials and excellent craftsmanship. Theirs is a quality of weave with an appeal in look that has upheld the grandeur of traditional finesse and heritage worth of Indian handlooms over the ages.
Beautiful Cotton’s
Travelling across the length and breadth of the country one also gets to fill with pride at the exceptional and finely woven handloom silk sarees and handloom cotton sarees of Naraynpet, Arani, Rasipuram, Bomkai, Baluchari, Assam silk, the Manipuri, the enchanting Chanderi, Maheshwari and Kota silks, the dazzling Paithani etc.
Not to forget the smooth and soft cottons of Bengal Tant, Madurai, Coimabatore, Kanchipuram, Kota and other enterprising handloom hubs across the country.
Bollywood & Handlooms
Bollywood, Tollywood, and other woods representing different pockets of the film industry of India, have definitely contributed to the popularity of the Indian saree. While they sport all kinds of clothing, they have a soft corner for the saree when it comes to attending film festivals, award nights, exclusive weddings, traditional events and the like.
The designer art silks are in the vogue but so are the handloom varieties like Chanderi, etc. which actresses like Hema Malini, Rekha, Vidya Balan, Kirron Kher, Shabana Azmi to name a few have given a major thrust, by wearing them often or supporting causes like ramp shows, exhibitions which are exclusively ‘handlooms’.
Fabrics other than the saree
Handlooms today do not stop at the saree but include a massive range of clothing like salwar kameez, kurtas, kurtis or Indian tunics, Indo western apparel that includes special blouses, long skirts, women’s shirts, anarkalis, special dupattas and much more.
The Bigger Picture
What does the handloom weaver have at his disposal? The loom, the basic materials for carrying out his weave, the colors to dye the yarn, and things small and sundry to complete his job of weaving a ready fabric. In many a case, he has to get materials like cloth yarn from a distance, is at the mercy of the trader’s pricing, and in quite a number of instances money borrowed from a money lender to get his weave done and get some remuneration.
He does not know when his fabric will fetch the remuneration, how much it will bring him, how he will pay his instalment of the loan he took and worse whether the woven fabric will be sold or remain as dead stock. Yet he lives with hope that he shall see better days, get a fair price and the situation would ease gradually.
He does his job as meticulously as ever, improvises to the best of his reading from past experience and resigns himself till he gets the next opportunity. Despite all his travails, the miserable conditions in which he prevails, the fire within him burns brightly; continuing a tradition, preserving an art. A laudable and salute-worthy soul, surely it aptly describes him as the ultimate optimist.
Mr. Devender Ladha, the CEO, pioneer and owner of Unnati Silks, the family enterprise in handlooms since 1980, and very much global, has this to add, “The handloom weaver is a humble person, weaving is his life and livelihood, the weave is his work of devotion, an offering to the world. He is an artist whose canvas is his loom upon which he weaves. Painting expresses the artist’s innermost thoughts, the woven fabric is a similar expression for the weaver.”
The Unnati angle
Unnati Silks is a saga of 'HANDLOOMS FOR WOMEN' that began in 1980. Three decades hence it has transformed from a single shop entity to become a family enterprise with extended arms and global operations.
With an experience of three decades plus in silk and cotton textiles, Unnati Silks has carved out a niche presence for itself in being the Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer and Exporter of authentic Handloom & Handcrafts. This has thereby created for it, a sizable domestic market from across the country and overseas.
Having a product range that is as varied as it is vast - Handloom Sarees, Handcrafted Salwar Kameez, Kurtas, Fabrics and more, the devotion and dedication of talented ethnic artisans from across the country comes through in the products on display. Having the Handloom Mark and Silk Mark Certifications for most of its products, Unnati's customers are assured of a legitimate backing too, despite being guaranteed original handloom products from the start.
Unnatisilks.com, the official website of brand Unnati Silks is your one stop store for beautiful Indian Handlooms.
This Durga Puja Nail the Handloom Look. And did we mention that there are massive discounts of upto 30% off for the Dusshera Sale? Bring home your heirloom handloom today. Shop now.”

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This Dusshera & Navratri, Unnati Silks shows you how to be a Desi Style Icon with Classy Handlooms. And in turn provide the much needed support to the Indian weaving community. This Festive season bring home the Ethereal Handlooms and spread hope among the passionate weavers and artisans.