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14/08/2018 9:05PM

Andersen Global Initiates Expansion in Mozambique

Andersen Global continues expansion in Africa with Isalcio Mahanjane e Associados, a law firm headquartered in Maputo, Mozambique. The collaboration with Isalcio Mahanjane e Associados signifies Andersen’s growth ...

14/08/2018 6:15PM

Gyeonggi Province of Korea Launches Beyond the Dream Global VLOG Contest

The Gyeonggi Provincial Government of South Korea is hosting a global social media campaign called Beyond the Dream VLOG Contest Four final-winning teams will win a 10 day trip to Gyeonggi Province. USD 10,000 ...

09/08/2018 7:37PM

Corporate Social Responsibility Related News Releases and Story Ideas for Reporters, Bloggers and Media Outlets

Following are the latest Corporate Social Responsibility news releases and story ideas available from Business Wire. These recaps, curated by Business Wire, provide reporters and bloggers around the globe instant access ...

14/08/2018 7:35PM

CTS Engines Inducts First PW2000 Engine

CTS Engines, the global leader for mature engine maintenance within the Aerospace & Defense industry, announced today that it had inducted the first PW2000 engine into its engine overhaul facility in Ft. Lauderdale, ...

15/08/2018 9:10AM

Meggitt Training Systems to highlight Australian presence and next-generation simulator at Land Forces

Meggitt Training Systems will emphasize its long-standing Australian presence and demonstrate the FATS® 100MIL simulator at Land Forces 2018, to be held September 4-6 in Adelaide. Meggitt Training Systems Australia ...

15/08/2018 9:00AM

Thales and Gemalto Announce Regulatory Clearance from the Minister of Innovation in Canada

Regulatory News:   Reference is made to the joint press release by Thales (Euronext Paris: HO) and Gemalto (Euronext Amsterdam and Paris: GTO) dated 27 March 2018 in relation to the launch of the recommended ...

14/08/2018 9:52AM Image

टेबल्‍ज ने योयोसो के साथ रणनीतिक सहयोग के लिए अनुबंध किया

टेबल्‍ज, लूलूग्रुप इंटरनेशनल की संगठित खुदरा इकाई, ने आज घोषणा की है कि इसने चीन के लाइफस्‍टाइल ब्रांड योयोसो के साथ रणनीतिक सहयोग अनुबंध पर हस्‍ताक्षर किये हैं। इसके तहत भारत में योयोसो के स्‍टोर्स खोले ...

08/08/2018 6:00PM

मॉर्फीसेक ने नए ग्राहक एस्‍सार के साथ भारतीय बाजार में प्रवेश किया

मॉर्फीसेक ने आज घोषणा की है कि इसे एस्‍सार द्वारा पसंदीदा ऐडवासंड थ्रेट प्रिवेंशन प्रदाता चुना गया है। एस्‍सार भारत स्थित एक समूह है जोकि धातु एवं खनन, ऊर्जा एवं अधोसंरचना उद्योगों में संलग्‍न ...