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08/02/2018 2:24PM

ZonesCorp Meets with Leading Indian Companies During Abu Dhabi Week in India

ZonesCorp - The Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones of Abu Dhabi, held a series of high level one-on-one meetings with a number of leading Indian manufacturing companies on the first day of Abu Dhabi Week ...

21/03/2016 4:03PM

Zonnett - Shaping the Fragmented Automobile Repair Services Segment in India with a Huge Trust Deficit Amongst Consumers

A trusted and transparent network of car service providers Innovative ‘Zero Water Car Wash Campaign’, helping conserve  lakhs of litres of water wasted per car on a daily basis Doorstep Car Spa ...

24/07/2015 10:30AM

Zonopact, Inc. Launches Powerful Collaboration Platform with Integrated Social Intranet Capabilities

Zonopact, Inc. an emerging software development firm known for distinctive enterprise tools and solutions, has recently launched its flagship product: Clintra, a complete collaboration software suite that incorporates a ...

30/07/2015 10:56AM

जोनोपैक्ट, इंक ने एकीकृत सामाजिक इंट्रानेट क्षमताओं के साथ शक्तिशाली गठजोड़ मंच पेश किया

उभरती सॉफ्वेयर डेवलपमेंट फर्म जोनोपैक्ट, इंक जो अपने विशिष्ट एंटरप्राइज टूल्स और समाधानों के लिए जानी जाती है, ने हाल में अपना प्रमुख उत्पाद क्लिन्ट्रा पेश किया है। यह एक संपूर्ण कोलैबोरेशन सॉफ्टवेयर सुइट है ...

09/01/2018 9:47AM

Zookr Becoming the No.1 Player in the Whole Recommerce and Funky Gadgets Industry

SAAS based logistics company Pickrr has started India’s No.1 portal for the recommerce market and funky electronic gadget market.

12/12/2017 5:25PM

ZOOM Brings Bollywood Tambola for the First Time Ever on Indian Television

Zoom, India's leading entertainment channel, brings an entertaining twist to the good old board game of Tambola for the first on Indian Television, with the launch of Bollywood Tambola.

03/02/2011 6:27PM

Media Statement from Zoom Communications

The findings of the First Report of the HLC on Host Broadcasting for the Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG 2010) had been made public on the 1st of February 2011. ZOOM Communications would like to clarify and correct ...

22/11/2007 6:38PM Image

Zoom Developers Partners with China's YAPP Automotive Parts Co

Zoom Developers Pvt. Ltd., India the flagship company of Zoom Enterprises and YAPP Automotive Parts Company Ltd. China are entering in to a 49:51 Joint Venture partnership to set up an Automotive Plastic Fuel Tank ...