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13/09/2017 7:30PM

Tigo Targets High Power 700W PV Modules with Launch of New TS4 Duo

Tigo®, pioneer of the smart modular Flex MLPE platform, announced the launch of three new "Duo" covers to its TS4 add-on / retrofit solution: TS4-R-O-Duo (Optimization), TS4-R-S-Duo (Safety), and ...

10/10/2017 9:30AM

Tigo Launches Next Generation SMART App: Lay Out, Configure, Commission, and Monitor PV Systems in 5 Minutes on a Mobile Phone

Tigo®, pioneer of the Smart Modular Flex MLPE platform, unveiled Tigo SMART, the next generation mobile application. The seamless integration between Tigo's online monitoring portal and this SMART app improves ...

19/07/2018 12:53PM

Tigo Releases State-of-the-art Wireless Technology – Mesh – as the New Solar Communication Architecture for the TS4 Platform

Tigo®, pioneer of the smart modular Flex MLPE platform, today announced the release of its new Mesh communication architecture. This state-of-the-art wireless technology directly translates to customer benefits ...

12/07/2018 12:49PM

Tigo Introduces New Tigo Access Point (TAP) as UL-Certified Communication Device for TS4 Platform

Tigo®, pioneer of the smart modular Flex MLPE platform, announced the availability of its new Tigo Access Point (TAP). The TAP is Tigo’s new wireless device for communication between the Cloud ...

20/06/2018 7:59PM

Tigo Awarded Patent for Flex MLPE Platform

Tigo®, pioneer of the Smart Modular Flex MLPE platform, today announced that it has been granted its most important and industry strategic hardware patent applying to the smart technology used in its flexible ...

09/01/2018 11:51PM

Tigo Releases New TS4 Product as the Most Cost-effective Rapid Shutdown Solution With Powerline Communication

Tigo®, pioneer of the Smart Modular Flex MLPE platform, today announced its new TS4-F (Fire Safety) to join the current TS4 Platform of integrated and retrofit/add-on junction box covers. As the most cost-effective ...

08/09/2015 5:08PM

Tigo Announces Game-Changing Modularity Feature of its TS4 Platform

Tigo Energy, the smart module market leader, today announced the modular feature of its dynamic TS4 platform -- the world's first JBox platform to offer customers different functionalities, replacing the traditional ...

11/09/2015 11:20AM

Tigo’s Selective Deployment Offers String Optimization for as Low as $0.02/watt

Tigo, the smart module market leader, announced Selective Deployment -- an unprecedented capability to selectively deploy different MLPE functionalities on different PV modules in one string. Selective deployment ...