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29/08/2017 12:46PM Image

KDAH Surgeon Yuvaraja Felicitated for 1001 Robotic Surgeries

India is home to the largest number of doctors, engineers and software professionals in the world, it can easily reclaim its ancient position as the knowledge hub of the world. Eminent surgeons have urged India to ...

23/02/2018 4:10PM

Surgeons from Paediatrics, Urology, Bariatrics Head to Learn from Peers

In the backdrop of the recent National Health Protection Plan announcement, hundreds of surgeons from paediatrics, urology, bariatrics are headed to a specialist conference to gain insights from fellow practitioners in ...

17/07/2017 10:30AM Image

A da Vinci Surgical Robot to Wheel into Indore

Robotic Surgery has made its mark in the top Indian cities. The precision and accuracy of this form of surgery has been helping surgeons achieve superior patient outcomes. It is Indore’s turn now as a da Vinci Surgical ...

24/07/2017 12:00PM Image

Bhopal Surgeons have a date with a Roving Robot

A da Vinci surgical robot is being taken around to visit 20 Indian cities. Now, on July 24, it makes its way to Bhopal where its impressive minimally invasive precision will be live-demoed to surgeons from different ...

28/07/2017 2:35PM Image

Training of Surgeons in Robotic Procedures to Spur the Fight against Cancer

Vattikuti Foundation in partnership with Vattikuti Technologies, distributor of the pioneering Surgical Robots, has begun taking the da Vinci surgical robot to various non-metro cities across India, in a mobile ...

28/07/2017 11:50AM Image

रायपुर के सर्जनों को मिला रोविंग रोबोट का साथ

द विन्सी सर्जिकल रोबोट इस समय 20 भारतीय शहरों के भ्रमण पर है। इसी क्रम में यह अगले हफ्ते 4 दिनों के लिए रायपुर में होगा, जहाँ विभिन्न विशेषज्ञताओं वाले सर्जनों को बहुत छोटे चीरे से सटीक ऑपरेशन की इसकी क्षमता का ...

25/08/2017 10:30AM Image

Surgical Roving Robot to Tour Vijayawada, Tirupati

Now surgeons in Vijayawada and Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh can get to see how the da Vinci robot works when it arrives here as part of its country wide tour of India. Detroit-based Vattikuti Foundation which has been ...

08/08/2017 1:20PM Image

Cancer Relief via Robot

With a view to familiarise surgeons and hospital administrators on how computer-assisted surgeries can treat various forms of cancers, particularly in the medical disciplines of Urology, Gynaecology, Thoracic, ...