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17/04/2017 7:50PM

Toshiba's Autonomous Off-grid Hydrogen Energy System H2One™ Now Providing Power at JR Station in Japan

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced that H2One™, the company’s autonomous hydrogen energy system, is now in operation at Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station on the JR Nambu Line in Kawasaki City, Japan. ...

01/11/2016 3:20PM Image

तोशिबा का नया स्टेपिंग मोटर ड्राइवर आईसी मोटर की आवाज और कंपन कम करता है

तोशिबा कॉरपोरेशन (Toshiba Corporation) (टोक्यो:6502) के स्टोरेज एंड इलेक्ट्रॉनिक डिवाइसेस सोल्यूशंस कंपनी ने आज एक स्टेपिंग मोटर ड्राइवर “TB67S209FTG” पेश करने की घोषणा की जिसका आर्किटेक्चर ऐसा ...

31/10/2016 10:50PM

Toshiba New Stepping Motor Driver IC Lowers Motor Noise and Vibration

Toshiba Corporation's (TOKYO: 6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of “TB67S209FTG”, a stepping motor driver with an architecture that lowers noise and ...

08/11/2016 6:42PM

Toshiba to Expand 3D Flash Memory Production Capacity by Building New Fabrication Facility at Yokkaichi

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced the outline schedule for the construction of a state-of-the-art fabrication facility at Yokkaichi Operations in Mie, Japan, for expanded production of BiCS FLASHTM, its ...

07/11/2016 5:51PM

Toshiba Advances Deep Learning with Extremely Low Power Neuromorphic Processor

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) continues to build on its commitment to promoting the Internet of Things and Big Data analysis with development of a Time Domain Neural Network1 (TDNN) that uses an extremely low power ...

07/11/2016 5:58PM

Toshiba Launches Bluetooth® low energy SoC with 3.2mA Receive and 3.5mA Transmit Current Consumption

Toshiba (TOKYO:6502) has developed Bluetooth® low energy 1 System-on-Chip (SoC) compliance with version 4.2 that reduces current to 50% that of current products2 for IoT devices driven by a small-sized coin cell ...

09/11/2016 9:05PM

Toshiba Develops Wide-Load-Range High-Efficiency Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter for IoT Applications

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced development of an on-chip Single-Inductor Multiple-Output (SIMO) DC-DC converter for IoT devices reliant on coin-type lithium-ion batteries for power. The new converter ...

06/12/2016 7:38PM Image

तोशिबा ने उद्योग के अग्रणी - क्लास स्मॉल पैकेज के साथ मोबाइल उपकरणों के लिए 1.3ए एलडीओ रेगुलेटर पेश किया

तोशिबा कॉरपोरेशन Toshiba Corporation (टोक्यो:6502) के स्टोरेज एंड इलेक्ट्रॉनिक डिवाइसेस सोल्यूशंस कंपनी ने आज एक नया उत्पाद 1.3ए आउटपुट करंट सीएमओएस एलडीओ रेगुलेटर टीसीआर13एजीएडीजे (TCR13AGADJ) पेश करने की ...