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14/12/2016 8:35PM

जायकस ने द्रुत विकास की अपनी आवश्यकताओं की पूर्ति के लिए भारत में पहुंच का विस्तार किया, बेंगलुरू में एक नया डेवलपमेंट सेंटर खोला

मुनाफा कमाने और अपने निवेश वाले एसएएएस (SaaS) आधारित सॉफ्टवेयर उत्पाद निर्माता जायकस ने बेंगलुरू में अपना चौथा विकास केंद्र शुरू करने का निर्णय किया है। इस कदम  की आवश्यकता कंपनी की जोरदार विकास योजनाओं ...

01/07/2017 12:50PM

A Real Estate Startup Awarded as "Real Estate Tech Broker of the Year" Builds Intelligence Based Personalized Recommendation System for its Customers

zVesta is the real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place and connecting them with the best local professionals who can help proving value added ...

15/12/2015 4:38PM

Zuvius Lifescience Along with YouWeCan (Yuvraj Singh's NGO) has Initiated a Nation Wide Cancer Awareness Programme

Zuvius Lifesciences in association with YouWeCan Foundation and Heyyo Media is hosting an all India Cancer Awareness Campaign while engaging with students from various colleges across the country. Kick started in ...

23/04/2014 4:45PM

Office Supplies eStore, Zoffio.com Turns One

Zoffio.com, the online retailer of stationery and office supplies in India, is celebrating its first successful year. Backed by the hospitality major Zuri Group, Zoffio.com was launched last year with the sole purpose ...

12/11/2018 5:50PM Image

Zumba Sensation Loretta Bates Comes to India

Loretta Bates, an International Fitness Presenter who has featured on many popular fitness training videos, a Zumba Education Specialist and a certified group fitness instructor is all set to land in our Incredible ...

18/07/2014 8:00AM Image

Investor Zubair Kazi Announces New Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Device

After acquiring his first KFC franchise in 1976, Zubair Kazi made a fortune in fast foods. Today, he owns 96 restaurants, predominantly KFCs in the U.S. and Virgin Islands, with 2,706 employees and total sales ...

28/10/2015 7:01PM

ZTE Becomes the Official Smartphone of the Chicago Bulls

ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the U.S. and second largest in the no-contract market*, announced today that it has become the Official Smartphone of the Chicago Bulls. Building upon the successful ...

14/11/2015 10:03AM

ZTE Drives Across America with the First Hi-Fi Audio Smartphone and Smart Projector

ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the U.S. and second largest in the no-contract market*, today announced that ZTE is driving across America to prove just how game changing their mobile devices are. ...