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Rado - Major break-throughs and highlights

1957 - First-time use of the brand name 'Rado'.

1962 - Launch of the Rado 'DiaStar' - the world's first scratchproof watch.

1975 - Inauguration of the new headquarters in Lengnau, Switzerland.

1980 - Launch of the Rado 'Florence' product line.

1983 - Rado becomes member of the newly formed SMH Group in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland (SMH: Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries Ltd.)

1984 - Launch of the Rado 'Anatom' generation.

1986 - Launch of the revolutionary Rado 'Integral' with a watch surface fully covered by
scratchproof sapphire crystal and a bracelet made of ultra-hard high-tech ceramics.

1987 - Launch of the Rado 'La Coupole' collection.

1990 - Launch of the Rado 'Ceramica', the fully scratchproof ceramic watch. Case and bracelet made of scratchproof high-tech ceramics and scratchproof sapphire crystal.

1991 - Launch of the Rado Coupole 'Céramique' - a timepiece of sleek, outstanding elegance, with an ultra-subtle bracelet made of high-tech ceramics.

1992 - Rado celebrates its 75th anniversary in a threefold way: 75 years since the initial foundation. 35 years since the first official use of 'RADO' as a brand name. 30 years since the launch of the legendary oval Rado DiaStar (The Original !) - the world's first scratchproof watch

1993 - Launch of the revolutionary 'Sintra' - a new Rado milestone, fully made of platinum-like shimmering high-tech ceramics.

1994 - Launch of the scratchproof Rado 'Ceramica Multi' - the most awarded Rado-product, with a Multi-function module offering seven additional kinds of information.

1995 - Rado received an Innovation prize of the Technology Center Switzerland for the outstanding Rado 'Concept 1' - the world's hardest watch, another revolutionary Rado milestone. First time use of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) in the field of watchmaking.

1996 - Launch of the Rado 'DiaQueen' - a watch created for the woman with discerning taste. Combines high-tech ceramics, gold and genuine diamonds to a breathtaking whole.

1997 - Rado surprises the watch world with another smashing break-through: The revolutionary Rado 'Vision 1'. Its surface has the hardness of genuine diamond. Its design sets the trends for the next century.

1997 - Rado goes public with a completely new line of scratchproof sports- and leisure-type watches: The spectacular Rado DiaMaster 'Chrono', DiaMaster 'Diver' and DiaMaster 'City' models.

1998 - Rado crowns its successful 'Coupole' model range with the stunning 'Blue Fascination', an exclusive jewellery watch made of gold, diamonds and sapphire crystal.

1999 - Launch of Rado 'Cerix' - a true masterpiece in sleek, puristic design. Particularly outstanding: its revolutionary 'flow' of the bracelet, following the form of the spiral.

2000 - Launch of 'Rado Ovation' -a tribute to the world's first scratchproof watch, the DiaStar 'The Original' and as an enthusiastic acclamation of contemporary times

2001 - Launch of Rado eSenza - The latest model has no crown in deference to the design and in homage to the consummate form. Without crown: the name of the new Rado 'eSenza' is derived from the Italian "e senza," which means "it is without