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06/11/2017 11:00AM Image

AG&P Signs Exclusivity to Develop Major LNG Import Terminal at Karaikal Port, Puducherry, India

AG&P has signed an exclusivity with Karaikal Port Pvt. Ltd. (KPPL), to develop an LNG import terminal at the Port, including LNG sourcing and supply.

12/09/2017 6:30AM Image

AG&P Appoints Abhilesh Gupta as CFO & Commercial Head

AG&P has appointed Abhilesh Gupta as its Global Chief Financial Officer & Commercial Head.

11/08/2017 3:04PM Image

Heads of Agreement Signed for the Development of 600MW Gas Power Plant in Indonesia

PT. Energi Nusantara Merah Putih (ENMP) jointly with the industrial tenants of the Bantaeng Industrial Park (KIBA) has signed a Heads of Agreement (HoA) in Jakarta, outlining the development plan for a 600MW ...

19/07/2017 6:30AM Image

AG&P Engineering Inc. Launched in USA to Drive Expansion in Fast-growing LNG Industry

AG&P has launched AG&P Engineering Inc. in Houston, USA, creating a global powerhouse of engineering talent under one roof.

04/04/2017 9:15AM Image

AG&P Announces Integrated Plug-and-Play Solutions for LNG Supply Network in Asia

AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company), the global leader of infrastructure solutions, today announced two standardized modular products for the LNG supply network that will drive down costs, accelerate schedule and ...

30/01/2017 6:00AM Image

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్లో నూతన ఎల్ఎన్జీ ఇంపోర్ట్ టర్మినల్పై హిందుస్థాన్ ఎల్ఎన్జీతో ఏజీ & పి అవగాహన ఒప్పందం

ఎల్‌ఎన్‌జీ టర్మినల్స్‌ మరియు సప్లై చెయిన్స్‌తో సహా ఎల్‌ఎన్‌జీ మౌలిక వసతు క్పనలో అగ్రగామి, ప్రముఖ గ్లోబల్‌ ఇంటిగ్రేటర్‌ అయిన ఏజీ & పి (అట్లాంటిక్‌, గల్ఫ్‌ అండ్‌ ...

30/01/2017 6:00AM Image

AG&P Signs MoU with Hindustan LNG to Build a New LNG Import Terminal in Andhra Pradesh

AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company), the leading global integrator of LNG infrastructure solutions including LNG terminals and the supply chains that emanate from them, and Hindustan LNG (HLNG), a ...

13/12/2016 7:00AM Image

AG&P and Risco Energy Sign Joint Venture to Deliver Energy Across the Indonesia Archipelago

AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company), a global leader in infrastructure solutions for energy, natural resources and other industrial companies, and Risco Energy Group Pte. Ltd. (Risco), the prominent energy ...