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CA Technologies

17/11/2017 11:45AM

CA Technologies Delivers Intelligence across its Portfolio to Bring the Modern Software Factory to Life

CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced the most extensive list of products in recent company history. Showcasing over 20 new offerings and significant enhancements, CA is helping its customers embrace agile ...

16/11/2017 12:16PM

CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire Explores Intersection of Innovation & Execution in CA World '17 Keynote

CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire opened CA World '17 by encouraging business and IT executives to find the intersection of innovation and execution, and to seek partners like CA.

16/11/2017 12:00PM

CA Technologies Announces FreshTracks.io, its Latest Software Incubator Project

CA Technologies announced the open registration for the FreshTracks.io beta program, one of the latest innovations stemming from the CA Accelerator Program. It is currently enrolled in the incubator.

28/09/2017 4:18PM

CA Technologies Study Reveals APIs Contribute to Business Success with Wide Adoption in India

Results from the latest CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) global study reveal that a majority of surveyed organizations in India recognized the importance of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in business growth, with ...

21/09/2017 3:44PM

New CA Technologies Study Reveals Only 12 Percent of Organizations Realizing the Full Benefits of Business Agility across the Company

CA Technologies Study reveals, only 12 percent of organizations can claim that their whole organization is on the path to business agility.

19/09/2017 3:30PM Image

Mastering the 'Modern Software Factory' Helps Companies Achieve Higher Revenue and Profit Growth and Better Business Outcomes

CA Global Research shows innovators who embrace the promise of Modern Software Development drive greater results with agile processes, attention to security.

07/09/2017 2:50PM

CA Technologies Appoints Tanuj Vohra to Head India Technology Center

CA Technologies announces former Microsoft executive Tanuj Vohra as their Senior Vice President of the India Technology Center.

23/08/2017 1:00PM

Indian Organizations are Leading Adoption of Agile in Asia Pacific

CA Technologies Study Shows India Embracing the Power of Agile and DevOps to Unleash Business Benefits.