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10/05/2016 9:35AM

Philippine Votes Transmitted in Record Time in Largest Ever Electronic Vote Count

On May 9, just 4 hours after the polls closed, the vote transmission rate stood at 80% in the Philippines General Election setting a new record for speed.   Using advanced election technology provided by ...

26/03/2016 11:14AM

Utah GOP Caucus Voters Praise Online Voting Experience

Utah Republicans cast their ballots on Tuesday in one of the largest Internet voting experiences in U.S. election history.   By leveraging Smartmatic’s custom-built i-voting solution, the State Republican ...

21/03/2016 3:23PM

Renowned Elections Experts Discuss How Technology Can Transform Elections for the Better

Last week eminent election leaders gathered in London for the annual meeting of the International Elections Advisory Council (IEAC). The council provides unrivalled insights to Smartmatic, the world’s leading ...

08/02/2016 9:00PM

Uganda Deploys Biometric Technology to Improve General Election Transparency

In ten days, on February 18th Uganda’s General Elections will take place.The Electoral Commission of Uganda is partnering with Smartmatic, the world’s leading electronic voting technology company, to use a ...

17/12/2015 3:37PM

Smartmatic’s i-voting and e-voting Empower Citizens in Chile

Smartmatic, the world’s leading election technology and services provider, empowered Chilean citizens during a three-day election in the Commune of Maipu last weekend.   Using Smartmatic’s ...

14/12/2015 9:47AM

फिलिपीन के प्रतिनिधिमंडल ने ताईवान में वोट गिनने वाली मशीन के उत्पादन की निगरानी की

कोमलेक प्रतिनिधियों, विधि निर्माताओं और निर्वाचन पर नजर रखने वालों के एक प्रतिनिधिमंडल ने इस सप्ताह ताईवान का दौरा किया ताकि निजी तौर पर वोट गिनने वाली मशीन (वीसीएम) के निर्माण की प्रक्रिया को देख ...

12/12/2015 11:13AM

Philippine Delegation Oversees Production of Vote Counting Machines in Taiwan

A delegation of Comelec representatives, lawmakers and election watchdogs visited Taiwan this week to personally observe the manufacturing process of Vote Counting Machines (VCMs).   The group included Comelec ...

08/12/2015 11:24AM

Electronic Voting Plays Crucial Role in Venezuelan Elections

Following Venezuela’s recent elections, Smartmatic announced that its secure automated voting platform guaranteed the flawless results of the nation’s Parliamentary vote. The London-based voting ...