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Asiabiz Services

06/06/2014 3:00PM

Singapore Ranks as the Most Favourable Asian Nation for Expats: AsiaBiz Services

Two reports have been announced this week in proclamation that Singapore is the most desirable Asian nation in the world among expats. AsiaBiz Services recognises that the country’s labour market efficiency and ...

04/06/2014 3:00PM

Gaming Companies Favour to Collaborate with Singapore: AsiaBiz Services

The extension of the MOU between Dynam Japan Holdings and Singapore’s IGG is the latest indication in the expansion of the Singapore’s gaming industry in 2014, shares AsiaBiz Services.

03/06/2014 1:00PM

Singapore Cements its Position as a Major LNG Trading Hub in Asia: AsiaBiz Services

The announcement by Singapore’s LNG Company, Pavilion Energy on the launch of their joint venture last week cements Singapore’s position as a major trading hub for LNG in Asia, shares AsiaBiz Services.

30/05/2014 2:00PM

Singapore’s Expanding Food Manufacturing Industry Attracts New Players: AsiaBiz Services

Japanese food group RE&S Enterprises opens its new headquarters in Singapore last week. AsiaBiz Services points to the growing trend of international food manufacturing businesses setting up in Singapore.

28/05/2014 4:00PM

Singapore Nurtures Strong Economic Ties with Mexico: AsiaBiz Services

Singapore’s Foreign Affairs and Law Minister, K Shanmugam had declared commitment to strengthening economic ties with Mexico during his official visit in Mexico City last week. AsiaBiz Services shares about how ...

26/05/2014 3:00PM

Singapore Continues to Rank as The World’s Most Investor-Friendly Country: AsiaBiz Services

Singapore continues to top the list of the most investor-friendly countries in the world, according to the latest ranking compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that was released last week. AsiaBiz ...

23/05/2014 3:00PM

Singapore Ranks Among Top Three Cities of Opportunities in Business and Finance: AsiaBiz Services

The Cities of Opportunity report released last week ranks Singapore among the world’s top three cities of opportunities in business and finance.

22/05/2014 4:00PM

Singapore Keen to Attract UK Technopreneurs: AsiaBiz Services

The Cambridge Connection trade mission that is happening next month is expected to solidify business ties between Singapore and UK and attract technology entrepreneurs to Singapore to set up, says AsiaBiz ...