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Frost & Sullivan

15/07/2005 11:09AM

Infrastructure Upgrades are the Order of the Day in Broadcast/Network Digital Video Recorder Markets

Significant improvements to existing broadcast/network digital video recorders (DVRs) are necessary for applications such as video on demand (VOD), near VOD (N/VOD), and high definition (HD) transmissions to take off. ...

14/07/2005 8:20PM

Emerging Markets Changing Demand Dynamics of World Ventilator Markets

As manufacturers face increasingly saturated markets for ventilators; new avenues for growth are opening up in developing nations such as Indonesia, Argentina, and Taiwan. This change in demand patterns – geographic ...

13/07/2005 11:41AM

Faced with Growing Price Pressure, Power Management ICs Manufacturers Strive to Maintain Lucrative Margins

The power management integrated circuits (ICs) market is rapidly growing, primarily due to expanding application in increasingly popular portable products such as cellphones, notebooks, and digital cameras that have ...

12/07/2005 3:30PM

Frost & Sullivan's Global PharmAlliance 2005: Becoming the Partner of Choice

Looking at the increasing trend towards partnerships and alliances in the pharmaceutical industry, Frost & Sullivan a global growth consulting company shall be organizing a premium conference, "Global PharmAlliance 2005 ...

12/07/2005 12:31PM

"Increasing Consumer Awareness of Endpoint Security to Help Boost Market Penetration" : Frost & Sullivan

While the technology boom has amplified the use of the Internet and networking among businesses and home users, it is also increasing the number of potential targets for malicious code writers and hackers. Amidst the ...

11/07/2005 12:30PM

"Cost and Other Benefits Assist Advanced Wound Management Markets Expansion" : Frost & Sullivan

Advanced wound management may offer significantly higher benefits compared to traditional wound management system. These benefits may include increased comfort, less time for dressing changes, faster healing, and ...

09/07/2005 10:30AM

"Advanced Features Expected to Ward of Competition in the Video Surveillance Equipment Markets": Frost & Sullivan

Global security issues, especially in the wake of 9/11 and yesterday's London attacks, are driving demand for high-end video surveillance equipment. Manufacturers are responding to this growth spurt with advanced ...

06/07/2005 4:02PM

"Construction Chemicals Industry is Poised to Grow at an Encouraging 15 Percent Annual Growth Rate for the Next 5 Years": Frost & Sullivan

A strong thrust on the quality infrastructure and the new generation customized chemical solutions for different end-applications within the construction industry are expected to propel the construction chemicals market ...