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Frost & Sullivan

09/08/2005 5:06PM

Frost & Sullivan to Host Analyst Briefing on the Asia Pacific Managed Security Services Market on Thursday, August 11, 2005; 11:00 Hours (GMT +08:00)

The onslaught of trojans, viruses and worms; sniffing, DDoS and DoS! - These are just some of the information security threats that organizations are challenged with today. At the heel of ever-increasing ...

09/08/2005 1:09PM

Mandates Impact Dynamics of RFID Middleware Market : Frost & Sullivan

The radio frequency identification (RFID) market is likely to grow rapidly following mandates issued by retail giants such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Albertsons and other major entities including the U.S. Department of ...

08/08/2005 11:18AM

New Discoveries and Innovative Technologies Create Growth Opportunities in the IVD Market : Frost & Sullivan

Recent discoveries and innovations in the realm of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) hold the exciting promise of revolutionizing the healthcare arena. In particular, the evolution of molecular diagnostics and point of care ...

05/08/2005 4:02PM

Finding New Applications for Nickel Batteries is Vital to Sustain Demand : Frost & Sullivan

As modern day devices become increasingly sophisticated, there is mounting pressure on battery technologies to keep pace. The growth of portable devices necessitates lightweight, easily chargeable batteries that deliver ...

04/08/2005 12:52PM

Strand Genomics Walks Away with the Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Technology Award for its Avadis Platform

Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, Advances in Bioinformatics and Clinical Informatics, selected Strand Genomics Ltd. (India) as the recipient of the 2005 Excellence in Technology Award in the field of Bioinformatics ...

02/08/2005 12:58PM

"Excessive Competition and Overcapacity in Fatty Acids Markets Intensifies Price Pressures": Frost & Sullivan

Increasing competition and overcapacity in the fatty acids market is creating immense price pressures and tightening profit margins for manufacturers. Moreover, volatile raw material prices that account for 80 percent ...

25/07/2005 1:33PM

Emerging Applications and Greater Health Consciousness Drive World Biosensors Market

Biosensors have achieved a fair degree of market penetration in numerous applications but the market participants have not yet tapped its full potential. Technological advances and rapidly emerging applications promise ...

22/07/2005 3:17PM

"Motorcycles Sales to Power Automotive Industry Growth in Pakistan": Frost & Sullivan

Demand for motorcycles to continue to propel the growth of automotive industry in Pakistan. Frost & Sullivan's research on the automotive industry in Pakistan reveal, motorcycles constitutes 67% of the total demand for ...