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Frost & Sullivan

12/09/2005 12:32PM

Transition to 3G Brings Fresh Opportunities for Wireless Network Monitoring and Protocol Analyzer Vendors

Vendors of network monitoring systems and protocol analyzers can look forward to significant growth opportunities as the wireless networking industry migrates from 2G to 2.5G and finally to 3G technology. "With the ...

09/09/2005 11:14AM

Handset RF Semiconductor Manufacturers to Provide Low-cost, Power Efficient Products to Stay Competitive

Manufacturers of radio frequency (RF) semiconductors are in a quandary over the robust and persistent demand for compact, cost-effective, and power efficient solutions. To meet the requirements specified by handset ...

08/09/2005 10:45AM

Demand From Various End-User Industries Spur Lightning Protection Technology Market

State legislatures mandating the installation of lightning protection technology (LPT) systems in schools, hospitals, and other public buildings have greatly bolstered demand for the product. The telecommunications and ...

05/09/2005 1:34PM

Orthopedic Joint Replacement Markets Driven by Expanding Demand in Asia : Frost & Sullivan

In the current medical scenario, the opportunities for joint replacement technology are immense, especially in a rapidly growing Asian market. Hip and knee replacements, which usually employ imported parts, are growing ...

02/09/2005 9:48AM

Allaying End-user Safety Concerns Remains Vital to Increasing Industrial Applications of Lithium Batteries : Frost & Sullivan

As industrial applications witness an increased trend toward portability and miniaturization, lithium batteries are slowly replacing traditional nickel-based battery chemistries. In addition to being lightweight, ...

31/08/2005 2:11PM

Cost-Effective R&D Outsourcing Attracts Global Pharmaceutical Industry to India and China

The rise of India and China as global economies presents immense opportunities for the international pharmaceutical industry. Besieged by ever-increasing cost pressures, shorter product life cycles and numerous ...

30/08/2005 11:52AM

Speeding up EMV Migration and Enhanced Value Proposition Necessary to Drive Market Growth: Frost & Sullivan

The varying pace of migration to Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) across the globe has had a huge impact on the sales of electronic funds transfer/point of sale (EFT POS) terminals. While this migration has been ...

29/08/2005 2:43PM

Flourishing Power Quality Industry Drives Demand for Dynamic Voltage Restorers : Frost & Sullivan

The burgeoning power quality industry, fuelled by increasing power quality needs, is driving the global dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) markets. It is receiving substantial support from the increasing number of research ...