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Frost & Sullivan

26/09/2005 2:53PM

Increased R&D Investment Essential for Sustaining Growth in The World Medical Devices Market

Participants in the medical devices market are currently facing the challenge of offering affordable products to customers while increasing investment in research and development (R&D). New analysis from Frost & ...

23/09/2005 2:07PM

Business Globalization Increases the Focus on Communication Software, Enterprise Content Management, and Information Security

With the expansion of enterprises and the movement towards a mobile work force, the need for efficient communication through CRM and collaboration software has increased. Hence, securing digital information and ...

23/09/2005 11:19AM

Next Paradigm Shift in the Asia Pacific Telecommunications Industry: Broadband Promises to be the Biggest Growth Sector

Sagging fixed-line revenues and price erosions continue to loom the telecommunications industry. Plagued by stiff competition and fast-maturing cellular markets, service providers are compelled to seek new growth ...

22/09/2005 10:47AM

Information Security Concerns Advance Sales in Hardware Authentication Devices Markets Worldwide

The recent spate of legislative mandates point in the direction of adopting strong authentication with auditing capability as a best practice, has galvanized the hardware authentication devices market. Information ...

21/09/2005 10:12AM

Concerns over Performance of VoIP Networks Strengthens need for VoIP Monitoring Solutions

With voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) emerging as an integral part of modern day business, enterprises are placing greater emphasis on the monitoring and management of their VoIP applications. In addition, as service ...

20/09/2005 12:03PM

Increased Competition in World Retail Environment Boosts Technology Spending by Retailers

The highly competitive retail environment is forcing retailers to upgrade as well as adopt key technologies such as point of sale (POS) systems, handheld terminals (HHTs), and tablet personal computers (PCs) in order to ...

19/09/2005 11:33AM

Drive for Robot Autonomy Key Trend in Global Emerging Robotics Technology

Autonomy is the latest buzzword in the field of emerging robotics technologies. Researchers world over are directing their efforts toward incorporating greater autonomy to enable robots to make more coherent decisions ...

16/09/2005 5:21PM

IP Telephony Applications Drive Enterprise Convergence.

Applications on the IPT platform promise a vast improvement in the communications efficiency of Indian enterprises. The adoption of such applications will open newer communication channels for one of the most populated ...