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Frost & Sullivan

24/08/2005 11:27AM

Pharmaceutical Industry Faces Multiple Challenges: Future lies in Drug Pipeline Sustainability : Frost & Sullivan

High clinical development costs coupled with declining drug discovery success rates are causing productivity levels to fall in the global pharmaceuticals industry. The imminent patent expiry of several major blockbuster ...

23/08/2005 10:54AM

Balance between Advanced Product Features and Price Crucial for Success in the Process Analytical Instruments Market : Frost & Sullivan

Demand for new equipment in developing regions allows manufacturers of process analytical instruments to sustain revenues despite stagnating need from North America, Europe, and Japan. New analysis from Frost & ...

22/08/2005 2:57PM

New Emission Rules Trigger Product Upgrades of Marine Generator Sets : Frost & Sullivan

With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandating reduction in emissions from marine generator sets, manufacturers have initiated earnest efforts to improve their ...

19/08/2005 10:59AM

Frost & Sullivan's Conference : The Coming Age of Enterprise Convergence - Navigating the barriers of Unknown

Enterprise Convergence has created incredible number of opportunities for the next generation of enterprises today. Being an important aspect of enterprise technology, convergence is now a next step in the domain. ...

18/08/2005 11:29AM

Demand for Semiconductor Technologies in Medical Imaging Modalities on the Rise : Frost & Sullivan

With semiconductor content in medical imaging modalities increasing and likely to continue doing so until 2008, semiconductor vendors look forward to opportunities for growth particularly in high-end imaging systems ...

17/08/2005 11:20AM

Escalating Digital Content Heightens Demand for DAM Solutions Worldwide : Frost & Sullivan

After a few tough years of slow growth in 2001 and 2002, the digital asset management (DAM) market is experiencing a high level of growth as vendors consolidate to provide clients with multi-purpose software suites to ...

16/08/2005 1:55PM

Participants in the Gene Therapy Market Discover New Ways to Improve Clinical Efficiency and Generate Revenue : Frost & Sullivan

The gene therapy market has had limited success with products during the clinical development process. Due to toxicological complications and poor therapy efficacy, healthcare authorities have suspended several gene ...

12/08/2005 11:02AM

New Growth Opportunities Await Aerospace Industry; Business Jets Emerging as the High-Margin Segment : Frost & Sullivan

Although aircraft orders and demands are still to match the peak levels of 2000-2001, expanding economies both in the United States and world over and improved corporate profits and stock market perception have placed ...