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Company : Corners.in 
Monday, February 11, 2008 12:20PM IST (6:50AM GMT)
Content Based Social Networking Site "Corners" (www.corners.in) Unveiled Today
Combines Content with Fans for an Unmatched User Experience for Indians Worldwide!
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

An exciting new content based social networking site branded "Corners" http://www.corners.in was unveiled today - Corners are content based social communities with a unique twist for Indians worldwide. Corners are centered on "content" and not just user profiles unlike many other social sites. Corners bring fans and their interests together to connect, share and entertain with others on any topic – movies (e.g. Jodha Akbar), sports (e.g. Ishant Sharma), celebrities (e.g. Deepika Padukone), places (e.g. India), products (e.g. iPhone) and more with unmatched user experience.

Corners is targeting young Indian community worldwide and anyone who is interested in Indian topics and gaining momentum quickly among these demographic. Corners are about next generation social networks unlike the current ones focused on primarily making friendships. Corners brings innovative presentation and intuitive design to find, use, share and extend the content and the community – this is one of a kind site for Indian market! Corners is meant to deliver excitement, fun and entertain the users. Specifically,

-- Corners brings together a unique multimedia experience that is unparalleled for Indian community anywhere in the world – photos, videos, blogs, talktivities, news, events, chirps and more.

-- Fans can explore multiple interests in one place – e.g. a user might like Amitabh, Sachin, Hyderabad, iPod etc; they can experience all of these in one place.

-- Fans can connect with other like minded fans worldwide in a community setting! Fans can express themselves in several ways with the content they care about and use the personal profiles to showcase their personality. Fans are defined by their activity on the site and their profile is updated automatically based on their activities on the site.

-- Always fresh and dynamic – content is updated by a combination of Corners technology and the community of fans themselves. Unlike other sites, we search the internet relevant to a topic and update it daily so the fans can get the latest content all the time with out much effort.

Corners is already Open Social compliant which is the social application platform that Google launched recently. Corners also launched an application for the Orkut sandbox today. Corners will be announcing more on Open Social soon.

Corners is also built as a platform for any company/business to launch their own social networks (internal or external) for their employees and customers.

Corners offers a variety of advertising models and built technology for delivery of highly targeted messages to consumers.

"Content + Fans = Fun". What are you waiting for? Find your Corner today!

About Melamesa and Corners.in:

Melamesa Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held company being incorporated in India to provide innovative experiences based on Web2.0 and Open Source technologies. Corners.in was launched recently with a limited beta which is available at http://www.corners.in.

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