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Company Name : VLCC

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 4:10PM IST (10:40AM GMT)

Stay Protected with VLCC's Paraben Free Sun Care Range this Summer!

Do you know what the right SPF strength is for you?

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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With the onset of summer season, conversations around SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and how much is effective for any individual become common. There is a range of sun protection creams and gels with SPF in strengths ranging in multiples of 5 from SPF 5 to SPF 70, but yet, few consumers know the answer to ‘What is the right SPF for them’. It is interesting to note that people with naturally darker skin (more melanin) should ideally opt for a lower SPF, while fairer people (less melanin) require sunscreens with higher SPF. If you’re going to be outside in the sun for a prolonged period of time (for about 2 hours), experts recommend an SPF 30 minimum. If you’re sensitive to the sun, are taking medications (antibiotics, retinol, etc) or have had skin cancer in the past, it is advisable to use a sun block with minimum SPF 50. The high SPF products may protect better against long-term skin damage and exposure-related skin cancers.

In order to keep you summer ready, VLCC offers a range of SunCare products that are paraben free and are enriched with natural ingredients that protect skin against harmful sun rays. VLCC’s Sun Care range includes Hydrophobic Sun Screen Lotion SPF 50, Daily Protect Sun Screen Cream SPF 25, Anti-Tan Sun Screen Lotion SPF 25, Matte Look Sun Screen Cream SPF 30, Skin Nourishing Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40, that can be chosen basis the extent of exposure to the sun.

Paraben-free products are good for your skin. The usage of paraben-free products prevents skin cancer, helps in delaying skin ageing, and protects your skin’s natural barriers from various environmental diseases. Additionally, the paraben-free products are much better for those with sensitive skin and are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

A snapshot of the range of products:
  • Skin Nourishing Sun Screen Lotion SPF 40: The sunscreen lotion has Comfrey Plant Extracts that nourish, heal and sooth the skin. It retains skin moisture and delays the skin ageing process. The SPF 40 and PA++ protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays of the sun. This Paraben free sunscreen promises a sweat free nourishing formula that lends a satin-smooth finish to the skin. The 100 gm size has MRP of Rs. 350.
  • Matte Look Sun Screen Cream SPF 30: This product is enriched with Pineapple Extracts that have antioxidants. It has an enzyme rich formula that keeps your skin firm & flexible. It is also enriched with Vitamin C & amino acids that act as skin friendly nutrients. It helps check cell damage, keeping the skin soft & supple. SPF30 and PA+++ protect skin against sun damage and a non-sticky formula provides light coverage, for an even finish. Available in 2 sizes- the 100 gm pack priced at Rs.315 and the 60gm pack priced at Rs. 215.
  • Hydrophobic Sun Screen Lotion SPF 50: The sunscreen lotion has Raspberry Seed Oil which is known for its moisturizing properties. This paraben free sunscreen lotion improves skin elasticity & flexibility and also has anti-ageing properties. SPF 50 & PA+++ provides Broad Spectrum Sun Protection. Its water-resistant formula makes it the ideal choice for swimmers/sports enthusiasts who require long duration sun protection. It is available in 100 gm pack that is priced at Rs. 375.
  • Anti-Tan Face Wash: This product has Mulberry Extracts as one of the ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and neutralize free radicals and regulate melanin synthesis. It washes away impurities and reduces tan. It's high purifying properties leave the skin refreshed and oil free. This paraben free face wash also helps clear spots and blemishes leaving the skin clear and radiant. Available in 50 gm pack, this product is priced at Rs. 135.
  • Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack has Cucumber Extract which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that cools and relaxes the skin. It also removes deep-seated impurities from the skin and its pro-inflammatory enzymes protect the skin against inflammation. Over a period of its usage, the pack improves complexion leaving skin supple and tan free. Available in 100 gm pack, this product is priced at Rs. 225.

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With the onset of summer season, conversations around SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and how much is effective for any individual become common.