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Company Name : Laurus Labs Ltd.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 12:36AM IST (7:06PM GMT)


Laurus Labs Demonstrates Strong Q3 Growth in the First Quarterly Results After Successful IPO

Hyderabad, India

Laurus Labs Ltd. (Laurus), a leading research and development driven pharmaceutical company in India announces its 9M & Q3 FY17 results.


9M FY17 results:

  • Total Revenue grew by 9.7% to Rs.14,459 mn from Rs.13,179 mn
  • EBITDA increased by 23.1% to Rs.3,199 mn versus Rs.2,598 mn
  • PAT higher by 40.5% to Rs.1,277 mn from Rs.909 mn
  • EPS (Diluted) for the period stood at Rs.12.9 per share (not annualised)

Q3 FY17 results:

  • Total Revenue grew by 12.3% to Rs.5,054 mn from Rs.4,501 mn
  • EBITDA increased by 9.4% to Rs.1,115 mn versus Rs.1,019 mn
  • PAT higher by 17.5% to Rs.472 mn from Rs.402 mn
  • EPS (Diluted) for the period stood at Rs.4.7 per share (not annualised)

Business Highlights – 9M FY17:

  • Prepayment of long term loans of Rs.2,263 million from IPO proceeds, Rs.585 million spent on general corporate purposes after meeting IPO expenses of Rs.150 million.
  • Capex investments in first nine months Rs.2,584 million.
  • R & D opex investments Rs.773 million and 5.3% as percentage of sales during Apr – Dec, 2016
  • In partnership with Laurus, Natco has launched Velpatasivir (Hep-C) product in Nepal and is geared up for launch in India upon approval.
  • As on Dec 2016, the Company has filed 202 patent applications and 37 patents granted.
  • Expansion of R & D centre at Hyderabad completed.
  • As on date filed 2 ANDAs and in addition completed 4 product validations.
  • Capacity expansion of 5 billion tablets is expected to complete by end Mar 17.
  • US FDA and WHO inspection scheduled during March 2017 for Unit 2.
  • FDF opex investments are Rs.821 million which includes Rs.253 million relating to the R& D during Apr – Dec, 2016
  • Unit 5 (dedicated manufacturing facility for Aspen) is inaugurated and is operational in Nov ‘16
  • Laurus signed manufacturing and supply agreement for Oncology NCE for clinical phase and commercial supplies
  • Dr. Satyanarayana Chava nominated as one of the members of US pharmacopeia Board of Trustees (BoT)
  • Laurus Labs received Pharmaexcil patent Silver Award for the contribution in the category of Bulk Drugs /APIs to India’s Pharmaceutical Exports during the year 2015-16

For more information about us, please visit http://www.lauruslabs.com.





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CONTACTS : Laurus Labs Ltd.Pavan Kumar N, +91 40 3980 4380mediarelations@lauruslabs.com

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