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Company Name : Andersen Tax

Thursday, May 4, 2017 2:38PM IST (9:08AM GMT)


Andersen Tax Wins Permanent Injunction Against India-Based International Business Associates

Companies Must Stop Illegally Using Andersen Name

San Francisco, United States

In a significant trademark decision, the High Court of Judicature in Bombay, India has ruled against two international firms for illegally infringing on the trademark rights of Andersen Tax, which owns the iconic brand name Andersen in India and other jurisdictions around the world.


The court ruled in favor of Andersen Tax on April 28, 2017 against International Business Associates (IBA) by imposing a permanent injunction restricting IBA from using the terms “Andersen,” “Arthur Andersen” and confusingly similar trademarks to promote its professional services consultancy.


Furthermore, the court handed down a preliminary injunction against a French firm known as Arthur Andersen & Co. (formerly known as “Quatre Juillet Maison Blanche”), temporarily prohibiting it from using the trademarks “Andersen” and “Arthur Andersen” to promote consultancy services in India. IBA had aligned itself with the French firm as an affiliate member of its network in India.


It is the second legal decision in less than six weeks against firms illegally using the Andersen name in affiliation with the French firm. In April, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California entered a consent-injunction prohibiting U.S-affiliate MoHala Enterprises, doing business as Sundial Consulting, from using the terms “Andersen” or “Arthur Andersen” in the United States.


“Andersen Tax will enforce its legal rights vigorously around the world to protect its ownership of the Andersen name,” said Mark Vorstaz, CEO and Managing Director at Andersen Tax.


Andersen Tax, which owns multiple trademark filings incorporating the name “Andersen” for tax and legal services in 95 countries, filed suit against International Business Associates in April 2017.





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