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Company Name : Amnesty International Norway

Thursday, December 7, 2017 11:53AM IST (6:23AM GMT)


Amnesty International Norway: Attention all radio stations

Oslo, Norway

Statement from Amnesty International Norway:


"This is an urgent message from Amnesty International. We are asking radio stations all over the world to broadcast a one minute distress signal from El Salvador that needs the world´s immediate attention before Friday, December 8th.


Listen and share the distress signal here (iamlistening.org)


In the aftermath of Norway recently becoming the first country in the world to shut down their FM radio band in favor of digital radio formats, Amnesty International discovered a loophole to broadcast the first distress signal appearing on the Norwegian FM-band since World War II. The distress signal has hit social media, and is now being shared across borders.


Urges radio stations to donate airtime for distress signal


John Peder Egenaes, Secretary General of Amnesty in Norway, is now calling on radio stations all over the world for help to spread the signal to their listeners, by donating one minute of airtime.


“On December 8th, Teodora’s case will be reviewed by the same judges who sentenced her ten years ago. Her future will be determined that day, and if people don’t pay attention, she will most likely remain in jail,” Egenaes said.


“This is a rescue operation, and we are calling on all radio stations to share the distress signal with their listeners. We only have until Friday to show the people and the authorities of El Salvador that the world is listening and cares about what happens to Teodora. This is our chance, and if we succeed, it could not only change Teodora’s future, but also the future of all other women who share her fate, and who have been sentenced to prison for pregnancy-related complications,” Egenaes said.


“We demand that Teodora Vasquez and all other women who are imprisoned for pregnancy-related complications are immediately released. We also demand that Salvadoran authorities decriminalize abortion, and ensure access to abortion in cases of rape or incest, where the woman’s health or life is at risk, and in severe cases of fetal impairment, said Egenaes.


This is how you do it


For radio stations: Download the distress signal: http://download.badeog.no/amnesty_01112017/loop/


Other media: Download a video of the distress signal here: https://we.tl/G7LDYtKSsR


The distress signal can also be streamed directly at www.iamlistening.org. Please help us share before December 8."





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Amnesty International Norway
Camilla Kolverud

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